Abit's BD7RAID and Asus' P4B266 Dueling i845 DDR Boards

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Dueling i845 DDR Boards From Abit and Asus
Abit's BD7-RAID and Asus' P4B266 Take Flight

By, Dave Altavilla
January 23, 2002

In our last test, we give you Quake 3 Arena Time Demo scores taken at a resolution of 640X480 at 16 bit color and 16 bit textures.  This will allow our motherboards and processors to drive as many polygons are possible without being limited by the graphics subsystem.


Quake 3 Arena Time Demo - CPU Test
Low Quality 16 Bit Testing for flat out CPU throughput

Once again the i850 shows a slight lead that has been widened to about 6%.  This really isn't much of a lead at all in the grand scheme of things and you would be hard pressed to actually noticed any difference in frame rate, especially at higher resolutions.  Finally, again we see the P4B266 just barely edge out the BD7-RAID due to its "cheated" front side bus speed at 2.22GHz, even though it was set to 2.2GHz exactly.





What more can we say about these two top notch boards from Abit and Asus?  Board design with either of these motherboards, was well thought out and served up with the utmost in quality.  While the Asus P4B266 has integrated 6 Channel HRTF Surround Sound from C-Media and a USB 2.0 controller from NEC, the Abit BD7-RAID has our favorite Highpoint RAID Controller on board and now it's ATA133 compliant.  While the Asus P4B266 has a bit more headroom in over-clocking with its slightly higher BIOS driven core voltage settings, the Abit BD7-RAID is not that far behind especially with an imminent release of a BIOS that will support higher core voltages.  In the end, you can pick and choose which options are more important to you, USB2.0, RAID or higher end on board sound.  For now, we're calling this one a virtual "draw".


We're giving both the Abit BD7-RAID and Asus P4B266 a HotHardware.com Heat Meter Rating of...



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