Abit Siluro GeForce 4 Ti 4600!

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Abit's Siluro GeForce 4 Ti 4600
Does Abit's Overclocking Legacy Live On?

By - Robert Maloney
June 6, 2002

Now for the final tests; how does this card handle when we start overclocking the GPU and memory using Coolbits. If you remember in my review of the Chaintech A-GT61, I was able to get it up to 320/725, and I was hoping for the same, or better, with the Abit. This was not to be the case, unfortunately, as the system would become unstable at core speeds greater than 310. I was able to get Quake 3 and 3DMark benchmarks with the card overclocked to 312/734, and here are the results when also compared to the Chaintech GF4 Ti 4600 at default speeds.

Overclocking The Abit Siluro GeForce 4 Ti 4200
Where Sqeezing Really Is Good To The Last Drop...

I have to admit I was somewhat disappointed in these scores. As you can see, head to head the Abit GF4 card was already anywhere from 6-15 frames behind the Chaintech before we overclocked. Even after we raised the core and memory speeds, it still did not match the Chaintech, although it was close.

At least in this graph, the overclocked Abit Siluro was better than the standard Chaintech in all but the 1024x768 test. It?s really hard to say why the performance did not match what we were expecting, with the overclocked scores not even breaking the 10,000 barrier.

Those last tests really left a sour taste in my mouth that was hard to remove. At stock speeds, the Abit Siluro GeForce 4 Ti 4600 easily overmatched two other cards, the Abit Siluro GeForce 4 Ti 4200, and the Apollo Radeon 8500LE, but this was expected since these two cards are priced at half the price of the Ti 4600, and are marketed towards more cost-conscientious customers. When placed head to head with another Ti4600, it fell behind, even when overclocked. I should mention that this was only one sample of the card, and it is entirely possible that another card may overclock better. With the sheer power already inherent in the GF4, one doesn?t even really need to try higher speeds.

What, then, is there to sway the customer into a purchase? Surely, the NV25 chipset is a selling point in its own right, offering the most power in a GPU. At $400 dollars, however, there needs to be something special offered. The craftsmanship of the card was good, but the GPU was not completely covered with thermal paste, thereby leaving room between it and the HSF. This could have caused problems after long use since proper heat dissipation would not occur. While there was a helpful manual and installation CD, there were no bonuses in the box to whet my appetite. Based on the small difference in the scores between the two Abit GF4 cards, it was hard to say that the $200 difference in price was well spent. It?s still a great card, but there is room for improvement, and my score for the Abit Siluro GeForce 4 Ti 4600 will be a 7.5 on the HotHardware HeatMeter.


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