Abit Siluro GeForce 4 Ti 4600!

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Abit's Siluro GeForce 4 Ti 4600
Does Abit's Overclocking Legacy Live On?

By - Robert Maloney
June 6, 2002

We aren't going to bother covering the drivers for this card.  You've seen them several times here in previous articles.

First Impression and Installation of the Abit Siluro GF 4 Ti 4600
Black Beauty...


At first glance, the Ti 4600 model didn?t appear to be much different from the Ti 4200, except for the obvious difference in length. On GeForce 4 Ti 4600 cards, almost all of the capacitors are placed at the very end of the card, which has caused a few problems with a handful of motherboards, including some versions of the EPoX 8KHA+. On top of the GPU we found the same Heatsink/Fan that was on the Ti 4200 model but when we removed it, we found that the thermal paste underneath was not completely covering the GPU, a fault which we quickly remedied.


This model comes with 128Mb of 2.8ns DDR memory, cooled on the front by fin-type heatsinks, and by plates on the back of the card. This extra cooling is not necessary but since the RAM chips are running at 650MHz, it?s a nice bonus (and we were expecting to run this even higher when we got to using Coolbits for some overclocking). On the bracket, we found the standard 15-pin VGA and S-Video connectors, as well as a DVI-I port, for those of you with Flat Screen monitors.

A Little Something For the Gamers...

Since testing was done over the Memorial Day Weekend, we decided to give some shout-outs to the men in our military. Thanks guys. I just read a great quote on the Korean War Memorial in D.C. that went ?Freedom is not Free.? So for this review, I thought I would include a few pics of our famed ?Comanche? attack helicopter in action, from the demo version of Comanche 4.


Here we have a nice side shot, and then one where it is kicking some bad-guy butt. I shot these at 1024X768, 32-bit color, with 4xAA enabled, and this was still moving along at a good clip.


I then took two more from Jedi Knight 2, which I am hoping to start using for some benchmarking in the near future. I don?t have anything to reference them against yet, but at 1600x1200, I was getting frame rates in the high 80?s with the Abit GF4 card.

Test Setup, Quake 3 With and Without AA and Anisotropic Filtering

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