Abit Siluro GeForce 4 Ti 4600!

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Abit's Siluro GeForce 4 Ti 4600
Does Abit's Overclocking Legacy Live On?

By - Robert Maloney
June 6, 2002

Now for some tests that gamers like me are really interested in. I used both Max Payne and Comanche 4 to generate some DirectX game performance numbers. Both games are known for their intense graphics, and should put these cards to the test.

Max Payne & Comanche 4 Benchmarks
That Face!  What Does He Smell?

The two GeForce cards are very close in all of the tests, off by maybe a frame, while the Radeon is clearly lagging behind. Without any optimizations, it is safe to say that any of the Geforce 4 Titanium cards is up the challenge when playing DirectX based games.

Once again, we see roughly the same breakdown, until we reach 1600x1200, where the Ti4200 and Radeon really took a performance hit. The Ti4600 from Abit only lost 2 frames per second when changing from 1024x768 to 1600x1200, showing off the sheer power of this card.

MadOnion 3D Mark 2001 SE
Synthetic DirectX 8 Action

Next up we wanted to use MadOnion?s 3DMark 2001 for some DirectX testing. 3DMark 2001 uses advanced pixel and vertex shaders, as well as bump-mapping, to test a card's performance and capabilities. We ran all 21 tests, which really puts a hurt on the GPU, and recorded the scores at the end. While this isn?t exactly a ?real-life? score, it still provides a good way to measure up the card?s performance against another.

I don?t think we have any surprises here.  The GF4 Ti 4600 outmatches its little brother by 5%, and the Radeon by over 15%.  It seems that the Ti 4600 is the champ in both OpenGL and DirectX testing.  What can we expect when we start using some Anti-Aliasing samples?

Anti-Aliasing Tests:

Surprised? No, I didn?t think so. The Ti 4600 continues to lead the pack, and is the only card to complete all the tasks we set for it. In fact, the Ti 4200 could only complete one of the 3dMark benchmark tests at 1024x768, and would error when we tried to go any higher. While the Ti4600 easily outperforms both of these cards, it should be mentioned that they both cost less than half the price of the Ti 4600.

 Overclocking and The Rating

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