3D Monitor Shoot-Out: Acer HN274H & ViewSonic V3D245

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If you're looking to upgrade to a 3D capable, 120Hz display, a monitor with an embedded 3D emitter and the latest 3D Vision technology from NVIDIA will appeal to you. For now, the Acer HN274H and ViewSonic V3D245 are two of the better options. Although both monitors offer many of the same features, there are a few key differentiating points.

For starters, the Acer HN274H is a larger, 27-inch monitor that offers a bevy of ports and connectivity options including three HDMI ports, a USB port, D-Sub, and Dual-Link DVI-DL (with HDCP). But, with all of these options comes a higher price tag. The 23.6-inch ViewSonic V3D245 is smaller than the Acer monitor and has fewer connectivity options, but it also has a price tag that will be a bit kinder to your wallet. At the time of this writing, the ViewSonic V3D245 is available for preorder for $599. Acer's larger HN274H is currently shipping with a street price of $679.99.


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Acer HN274H (left), ViewSonic V3D245 (right)

In terms of performance, both monitors offered respectable performance in the Lagom LCD monitor test pages. We were also very happy with the responsiveness and crisp images displayed by both monitors in both 2D and 3D modes in our subjective tests. Keep in mind that NVIDIA 3D Vision technology currently supports more than 525 games as well, so in addition to good image quality, being able to go back and play some older titles in 3D mode may appeal to some users.

Overall, we were pleased with the performance of both monitors. We would have liked to see more adjustment options in the form of height and pivot controls, however, and the relatively high cost of these monitors may also hold some buyers back. But ultimately, they're both worthy of consideration. It may be slightly cheaper for users to purchase the NVIDIA 3D Vision wireless glasses kit for $149 and connect it to a compatible monitor for a similar end result, but you won't have quite the same convenience as with the built-in emitters found in the Acer HN274H and ViewSonic V3D245, plus you'll have that additional emitter cluttering up your desktop.


  • Built-in emitters
  • Glasses included
  • 3D technology works with more than 525 games
  • Plenty of ports on the Acer HN274H
  • Latest 3D technology
  • Costly
  • Acer HN274H takes a while to wake from sleep
  • ViewSonic V3D245 base has a sizeable footprint
  • No height and pivot controls on either monitor


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