3D Monitor Shoot-Out: Acer HN274H & ViewSonic V3D245

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Subjective Analysis – Gaming

Recognizing that part of the appeal of NVIDIA's 3D Vision technology is its support for more than 525 3D games, we also loaded up several of the latest gaming titles and ran them with 3D enabled. We wish there was a way to truly show the benefit of 3D gaming and NVIDIA's 3D Vision technology, but there isn't, so you're going to have to trust our descriptions here...

Duke Nukem Forever

While playing Duke Nukem Forever on the Acer HN274H and on the ViewSonic V3D245 we noticed a very slight amount of ghosting. The ghosting was about the same with both monitors and it had more to do with 3D Vision than pixel response time on the screens. While playing Duke Nukem Forever, we felt 3D enhanced the game experience because it provides better depth perception and helps you to feel more immersed in the game.

Alice Madness Returns

In Alice: Madness Returns, 3D quality on both monitors was very good. Thanks to NVIDIA's PhysX technology, you also get more realistic physics with far more particles on screen during some sequences while playing this game. If you set PhysX to "High," you'll get to enjoy all of the visual elements the game has to offer including feather effects when Alice double-jumps and more. The 3D effect with all of these moving particles on screen is something that really needs to be seen to be fully appreciated.

Portal 2

Since spatial awareness is a key component in Portal 2, playing the game in 3D gives you a better ability to judge distances and angles of the puzzle elements. While playing Portal 2 on both the Acer HN274H and the ViewSonic V3D245, images were crisp and 3D quality was excellent.

While gaming, we didn't notice any tearing or other strange artifacts on the ViewSonic V3D245 or on the Acer HN274H. Overall, we were very impressed with both monitors. 3D images really popped and colors were bright and vibrant. Furthermore, the overall experience in all of the games we tested was smooth and responsive using 3D Vision with a GeForce GTX 570.

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