Xoide Clear Keyboard, GeCube Radeon X800 Pro and Much More

Hello everyone, welcome to the HH Nightcap.  Tonight we are serving a buffet of news from all over the continent.  With just about the entire spectrum of hardware being covered this evening, everyone should find what they are looking for ;)

 Xoxide Clear Keyboard @ Bytesector

"Xoxide is well known for their active involvement in supplying computer enthusiasts with modded cases and modding equipment. In the past we took a look at a couple of their cases and found them to be fairly interesting and definitely worth looking at when searching for a new case. Today, I will be taking a look at a very unique computer keyboard that will catch the eyes of many while serving its purpose without a problem. The feature that makes this otherwise standard 104-key keyboard is that it is completely clear! I'm not saying it is transparent, but it is translucent. With the addition of a cathode light beneath the keyboard, there is no way this won't catch the eye of a passerby."

 GeCube Radeon X800 PRO @ HEXUS.net

"X800 PRO pricing sits around the £280 mark in the U.K. at the time of writing and GeCube promise us that if you find the X800 PRO CS:CZ Limited Edition in the U.K. or indeed elsewhere, it'll be competitive with any and all X800 PRO pricing from other manufacturers."

 Abit AA8-3rd Eye motherboard review @ OCModShop

"Knowing Abit and how innovative they are with new technology I had high expectations for this motherboard. Of course being Abit they had no problem surpassing what I expected and just blowing me away. I don't think that any overclocker could really ask much more from a motherboard when it comes to the BIOS, voltages, dividers, and stability. With this motherboard I was easily able to overclock my 2.8GHz to almost 3.8GHz while running the memory at 360MHz. The onboard features such as firewire, gigabit LAN, 8-channel audio, and four USB 2.0 make it basically unnecessary to buy anything but a video card. µGuru is something Abit really did a great job on and I can't stress enough how useful and powerful this suite of applications is within the BIOS and Windows. Finally to top it all off Abit throws in their new µGuru clock which is such a simple idea but so very useful and helpful."

 Powercolor 9100IGP Pro RS350 Review @ PCUnleash

"The new RS350 which is the enhanced version of RS300 is an ambitious move for ATI. ATI claims that the chip has been well revised and that many of the problems that existed with the older RS300 have been solved. They also have made the claim that the new RS350 will run much better with the Intel's Prescott CPUs, suggesting that the RS350 has been optimized for the most current technology. At a glance, Powercolor's RS350 has definitely added some eye catching features. So with no further ado, let us introduce the first motherboard to have been produced by Powercolor.. "

 Arctic Silencer DIY Guide @ RojackPot

"Most of us know of the Arctic Cooling Arctic Silencer graphics card cooler. Their latest iterations have an improved design, utilizing a copper base and thin aluminum fins.  Today, I will show you how to make a similar GPU cooler, all for less than S$26 (USD 15)! How did I do it? Check out the guide and you will find out!"

 Waffer PC AirCon PAC 400 Review @ 3DX

"The PAC 400 is basically an air conditioning unit for your PC. It's designed to provide cooler ambient air into the computer system in the hopes of dropping the internal and CPU temperatures. It sounds like a great idea, but can it live up to the marketed expectations?"

 Epox EP-5EGA+ 915G Motherboard Review @ PCStats

"The Epox EP-5EGA+ is a next generation board which is based on the new Intel 915G and ICH6R chipsets. The standard flavour is the 915P, but as you guessed it, the 915G boasts its own Intel GMA900 integrated video package. It also comes with the high bandwidth PCI Express x16 slot for graphics cards, so there are couple options video-wise. If your computing requirements include high bandwidth peripherals like SCSI controllers or standalone Gigabit Ethernet NICs, there are two PCI Express x1 slots that have an amazing 250MB/s worth of bandwidth just waiting to be tapped! That is almost twice the regular PCI bus bandwidth! Of course, there are still four PCI v2.3 slots for your legacy devices, like sound cards, wireless LAN cards, or what have you."

 Soltek Qbic EQ3801a Review @ Neoseeker

"As with the 3401a, the 3801a is very quiet. There was little difference in noise between idle and load which is a great thing. The Qbic is not noiseless, the fans are audible and the chart places it in the range of a library and a quiet converstation level. From my perspective I would say that the noise is about the same as that of an original Playstation 2"

 XGI Volari V3XT @ Phoronix

"With the emergence of the latest graphics processors from both ATI and NVIDIA, enthusiasts are mainly focused on the RADEON and GeForce cards. However, there are other manufacturers other than these two giants. At Phoronix we will take a look at one of XGI Technology's latest offering, the Volari V3XT."

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