Video Evidence of a Real Psystar Mac Clone?

Gizmodo has posted a video clip sent in by a reader that supposedly shows a Psystar Mac Clone up and running in the home of an actual Psystar customer.

"The thing boots up and runs pretty damn fast, says Patrick, but Software Update won't recognize it so you won't be able to patch. System Profiler thinks that it's a Mac Pro."

The video is fairly convincing in that it appears actually to show the Mac OS running on non-Mac hardware. However, there is nothing that definitively identifies the machine as from Psystar. With the right hardware, resources, and patience, it's actually not terribly difficult to get the Mac OS to run on a non-Mac system, as many members of the OSx86 Project could tell you. So is the video legitimately of a Psystar system or is it just an OSx86 hoax?
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