Technology vs. Content, Beginners Guides: Overclocking the Videocard

Hey folks, just checking in to drop off the news, and let you know that Andrew has reviewed the Dell Inspiron XPS Gen 2 notebook, gamers looking for a mobile beast should give this one a look. Enjoy the news, good night!

Dell Inspiron XPS Gen 2 - Gaming and Performance
Andrew Ku

"Consider this: a few years ago there were a handful of names making true blue notebook gaming rigs, i.e. Alienware, albeit in small quantities. But as the gaming generation grows, so does the interest in these powerful systems. So, it really comes as no surprised to us to see Dell and HP joining the fray. The difference is that Dell has really gone after the "enthusiast" gamer, rather than the casual "once in a while" type gamer."

Steel Sound 5H Professional Gaming Headset @ XYZ Computing

"Steel Sound, the same company which makes the famous Steelpad mouse surfaces, has followed in the steps of their sister company, Icemat and started an audio division. This makes perfect sense as the same people who require high end mouse pads are those who are looking for headphones and headsets which are suited for gaming. The 5H features a microphone which can be hidden within the ear piece when not in use. The product can also be broken down into three parts for easy transport."

Technology vs. Content @ eCoustics

"In that landmark decision, the Court not only held the VCR was a legal product, but it created a simple test by which all product introductions are measured: Is the product capable of significant non-infringing uses? This standard gave innovators a bright line test for new products that allow for the creative and flexible use of content."

Beginners Guides: Overclocking the Videocard @ PCStats

"Videocard overclocking can hold many benefits for the gamer or benchmarking enthusiast. As with processors and system memory, the faster the videocard's graphics processor and video memory can process information, the better. Smoother frame rates and higher benchmarks might be just around the corner."

ASUS WL-500G Deluxe Wireless Router Review @ X-Bit labs

"We would like to offer you a review of the wireless router from ASUS. Highly functional device with rich set of accessories and extensive setup options and support of advanced modern wireless protocols with their speed-boost extensions is worth every penny you pay for it. Read more in our detailed review!"