Steam Deck Modder Gives The Gaming Handheld An Impressive RAM Upgrade

hero steamdeck
The Steam Deck is getting a little long in the tooth, and with Steam Deck 2 nowhere in sight (yet), some owners of the current handheld console are taking matters into their own hands. To wit, someone decided to double its RAM by soldering a new 32GB module onto the motherboard. Needless to say, this isn't your everyday DIY project.

X (formerly known as Twitter) user, Balazs Triszka posted/tweeted that he was able to upgrade his Steam Deck to 32GB of RAM. While Steam Deck owners are used to upgrading the device's SSD for larger and faster storage options (like a 2TB version from Framework), RAM upgrades aren't so common, mostly because it requires some dismantling of the unit, knowledge of micro-welding, and very steady hands.

Triszka stated that what made the process doable in the first place is that Valve does not apply glue on the backside of the Steam Deck memory modules, thus allowing him the access needed to flex his soldering skills. He de-soldered the original 16GB memory chips, replaced them with 32GB modules, and patched the BIOS so that the system could recognize the new memory modules. He did not elaborate on that process other than to say users can find suitable guides for BIOS patching online.

Credit: @balika011 (via X)

Overall, it's an impressive endeavor, although we're not holding our breath for someone to go all out in upgrading the AMD CPU. The Steam Deck's hardware is arguably falling behind in the rapidly expanding handheld console race, with machines like the Ayaneo Kun and ASUS ROG Ally running more potent AMD CPU and GPU setups. Steam Deck fans may be better off waiting for Valve to launch a new model at this point, especially if they intend of running resource-demanding AAA titles like Baldur's Gate 3 or the upcoming Starfield.