Speedy Samsung 970 And 980 NVMe SSDs Are Already Up To 50% Off For Cyber Monday Deals

Samsung 970 Evo Plus
Thank the stars above that prices on solid state drives (SSDs) are no longer stratospheric, having plummeted down to earth. Granted, the price-per-gigabyte ratio is still better on mechanical hard disk drive (HDD) storage, but SSDs are fast and attainable on a budget. Especially now—with Cyber Monday in view, Samsung's incredibly fast 970 Evo Plus and 980 Pro SSDs are on sale at Amazon.

As we noted in our review of the 970 Evo Plus, this SSD line is optimized for speed in a big way. It is a worthy upgrade over the regular Evo line (read: non-Plus), with much faster write speeds—up to 3,300MB/s, versus 2,500MB/s. Rated sequential reads did not change, but were already blazing fast for a PCI Express 3.0 model, at up to 3,500MB/s.

These drives are offered in four capacities, all of which are on sale. Here they are...
Granted, the 2TB model has not actually sold for its full list price since last year, but it has not dropped below $300 until recently, with the current Cyber Monday discount being its lowest price to date. It's a really good value for the performance you are getting.

Score A Cyber Monday Discount On Samsung's Blazing Fast 980 Pro PCIe 4.0 SSD

Samsung 980 Pro

If you want to go even faster than the 970 Evo Plus family, then you are basically looking at a jump into PCIe 4.0 territory. And in that space, Samsung's 980 Pro is one heck of a sprinter. It's also on sale—well, two of the capacities are, those being...
You are paying more for the status of PCIe 4.0, but if you have the right platform, you are looking at a whole new level of performance. As in, sequential reads of up to 6,900MB/s and sequential writes of up to 5,000MB/s, on the 500GB model. For the 250GB model, you are look at sequential read and write speeds of up to 6,400MB/s and 2,700MB/s, respectively.

Do you need that kind of speed? It depends on what you do. For some types of content creation and moving large files around, it can come in handy. And with game developers having access to new tools to leverage faster SSDs, both in PCs and next-gen consoles, we could eventually some benefit there as well.

Just bear in mind that you need a PCIe 4.0 platform to take full advantage of these drives. Right now that means an AMD X570 or B550 motherboard, as Intel does not yet support PCIe 4.0 on its consumer desktop chipsets (that will change next year).

We are just getting started with Cyber Monday discounts. Check out Amazon's landing page for more discounts, and be sure to check back at HotHardware often, as we highlight the better bargains.