Sony Doubles PlayStation 4 Slim Storage To 1TB And Keeps $299 Price

ps4 slim 2
Given that the PlayStation 4 Pro gets the bulk of the attention when talking about Sony’s current generation consoles, it is easy to forget that the company also introduced a redesigned PlayStation 4 Slim around the same time. The PlayStation 4 Slim debuted last September at the $299 price point.

Sony today is sweetening the deal a bit by doubling the amount of storage onboard the PlayStation 4 Slim from 500GB to 1TB. All other features remain identical to the 500GB PlayStation 4 Slim SKU, including its revised DualShock 4 wireless controller.

The console should be available from all the usual suspects like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Toys R Us and of course Amazon. Sony says that the new 1TB consoles will be available later this month, and Amazon already has a product listing page for the console (although it’s currently out of stock).

However, given how easy it is to replace the hard drive on all of the PlayStation 4 models, you might want to bypass the new 1TB model altogether and wait for the inevitable sales on the current 500GB model. Retailers will no doubt be offering generous discounts on the original PlayStation 4 Slim to reduce inventories, so it shouldn’t be too surprising to see those consoles going for $250 or even lower in the coming weeks.

Whatever the case, we have the feeling that the new 1TB SKU along with any impending price cuts on the 500GB SKU will mean even better sales for the PlayStation 4 family, much to the ire of the folks at Microsoft. Although Microsoft was able to secure a string of monthly sales victories over the PlayStation 4 leading up to and after the launch of the Xbox One S, Sony has been kicking ass and taking names in recent months, and continues to hold a roughly 2:1 sales lead globally.

We should also note that the Xbox One S starts at $299 for the 500GB bundle, while a 1TB bundle will set you back at least $349.