Behold Sony's PlayStation 4 Slim Torn Down To Its Nudies On The Eve Of Launch

playstation 4 slim
Sony is holding a big hardware event tomorrow in New York City, and two major releases are set to make their debuts. Sony has already confirmed one of them: the higher-performing PlayStation 4 Neo. However, there’s a second console that the company has been incredibly tight-lipped about: the PlayStation 4 Slim.

Despite the fact that Sony hasn’t acknowledged the existence of the PlayStation 4 Slim, the console has shown up in multiple occasions on video and has been unboxed for all to see. And now we’re actually seeing a teardown of the console, just before its official debut.

The twenty-minute video, which was posted by Links-Tech, removes any doubt that the PlayStation 4 Slim is real. The whole teardown process stats with removing the 2.5-inch hard drive, and then voiding the warranty by peeling off the factory seal to reveal a screw that allows access to the rest of the console. From there, just sit back and enjoy the rest of the disassembly process (before Sony sends out its legal attack dogs).

PlayStation 4 Slim front

Given that the PlayStation 4 Neo is going to take over duties as Sony’s premier gaming console, we have the feeling that the PlayStation 4 Slim (which might simply just be called PlayStation 4) will completely take the place of the existing model. It’s likely cheaper for Sony to produce and it makes sense to consolidate production instead of churning out three separate consoles.

If that’s the case, expect to see some excellent deals on first-run PlayStation 4 consoles in the coming weeks (as was the case with the Xbox One S when it was released in early August) as Sony looks to deplete its current inventory.