Seagate Momentus PSD Puts Notebooks On A Diet

Seagate announced yesterday that they're shipping  their new 5400 PSD "Momentus" notebook hard drive, which incorporates 256 MB of flash memory with its conventional hard disk drive. It delivers commonly used information in a -- well, in a flash. That should help lower boot-up time and lower power consumption overall. Windows Vista operating system incorporates a method of identifying and saving the most commonly used files onto any available flash memory, so this hard drive should be a boon to those running the OS on their lappies.

"We're thrilled Seagate is bringing to market hybrid hard drives that take full advantage of Windows Vista," said Dennis Moulton, product manager of Windows Client marketing at Microsoft. "It is this type of innovation in the ecosystem that helps move the bar, and we're excited about the productivity gains this helps bring to our customers in combination with Windows Vista."

Available in capacities from 80 to 160 GB.