Samsung Is Reportedly Testing Google’s 3rd Gen Tensor Chip That Will Power Pixel 8

samsung testing tensor 3 chip news
Information obtained by GalaxyClub indicates that Samsung may already be testing Google’s third-generation Tensor chip. Since Google doesn’t have its own semiconductor fabrication plant, the company turned to Samsung to manufacture its first-generation Tensor chip. Google seems to be sticking with Samsung for the foreseeable future.

Google’s Tensor chip marks the company’s first foray into designing its own mobile SoCs, and Google has already confirmed that a next generation Tensor chip is on the way. The first-generation Tensor chip bears the model number S5P9845, while S5P9855 is rumored to be the model number for the second-generation Tensor chip. However, Samsung is currently testing a chip with the model number S5P9865 according to GalaxyClub. The number scheme seems to indicate that, rather than being the upcoming second-generation chip, the chip in question is actually Google’s third-generation Tensor chip. Samsung is purportedly testing this chip on a developer board dubbed “Ripcurrent,” providing further evidence that the chip is distinct. The second-generation Tensor chip that was supposedly tested on a developer board codenamed “Cloudripper.”

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Google’s first-generation Tensor chip debuted in the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro back in October of last year. That same chip appeared more recently in the company’s mid-range budget phone, the Pixel 6a. However, new Google silicon isn’t far out. The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are expected to launch in October of this year, and Google has already confirmed that these devices will bear a next generation Tensor chip. This chip is most likely Google’s second-generation Tensor chip, which means that the supposed third generation chip being tested by Samsung is probably slated for release in the Pixel 8 lineup over a year from now.

The information obtained by GalaxyClub also indicates that Samsung is working on a successor to the Exynos 1280 that powers the Galaxy A53 and A33 phones. According to the publication, Samsung is testing a chip with the model number S5E8835. This number follows the S5E8825 model number of the Exynos 1280, pointing to a possible Exynos 1380 SoC. None of the information in this new report has been confirmed by either Google or Samsung, but none of it appears to be outside the realm of possibility.