Republic of Gamers Motherboard Reviewed

Earlier this year, ASUS announced their new enthusiast motherboard line, aimed at gamers and modders. Dubbed 'Republic of Gamers', the series will compete directly with Abit's Fatal1ty and DFI's LANParty products. PC Perspective took a look at the first member of the new product line, the ASUS Crosshair. Is the Crosshair just a gimmicky factory modded M2N32-SLI DeLuxe? Read the article and find out.

"The LCD post display on the motherboard is a nice touch as well, and was handy to have and fun to play around with. I question the usefulness of it along the back of the motherboard as when its in the case you won't be seeing it very easily. The EL-lighted back panel though is a nice touch, making it easier to see the connections when you are poking your head around the back to install that new USB device so you don't plug it into the secondary ethernet port instead.

The other features like the silent chipset cooling with the heatpipe technology, capless power design and included software round out the features on the Asus Crosshair board and present a very good pacakage for any user."