Razer Barracuda HP-1 Gaming Headphone Review

XYZ has posted a review of Razer's latest foray into the PC audio market with the Barracuda HP-1 gaming headphone.  This headset is Razer's first attempt to stray form their traditional mouse input market.  The Barracuda is a stand alone computer headset designed with the audio enthusiast in mind using 8 discrete drivers to stream the highest quality audio to the gamer.

Specifications: - Frequency Response: 1.50 Hz ~ 20 000Hz - Impedance, Front Speaker: 64ohm, Rear Speaker: 32ohm, Centre Speaker: 64ohm, Sub-Woofer: 8ohm - Total RMS Power Rating: 330m Watts - Cable Length: 2 meter - Connector plug: Razer HD-DAI Features: - Eight sonic drivers - Dedicated amplifier for each channel - 99% oxygen-free cables - Built-in uni-directional noise-canceling microphone - Built-in Razer HD-DAI connector (for dedicated connection to Razer Barracuda sound card) - On-the-fly positional volume control

The HP-1 looks to work well as a stand alone headset.  When combined with Razer's upcoming AC-1 Gaming Audio Card users should experience the "ultimate" gaming audio experience.  Not since the Aureal/SB Live audio days has there been what looks to be a revolutionary way of approaching audio in the gaming market.  Only time will tell if this will be the next "revolution" in the sound card market.  Given Razer's remarkable influence and quality in the marketplace, I suspect this lineup will WOW the users.

Personally, I remember when the Razer Boomslang 1000/2000 came out (still owning 2 of each) and was devastated when the company initially "went under."  When they came back with the Razer Diamondback, I nabbed the limited Plasma Blue a few days following the release.  Months later I was on top of the Copperhead when it was released.  Both mice were phenomenal in the performance area, however their comfort left a lot to be desired for me.  Razer has recently announced a partnership with Microsoft to develop their next generation gaming mouse named the Habu which by all indicators, looks to be a solid and comfortable mouse.