Quake 4 Benchmarks, 2GB Memory Kits, iPod Video and More!

AMDZone has Quake 4 Benchmarks with the X850XT PE, 6800GT, 7800GT,& 7800GTX:

"We have been Quake players since the first test came out, and it has been too long since Quake 3. While we have played just a few hours of Quake 4 multiplayer it is too early to comment on too much. While the DM17 conversion is not to our liking game play seems ok so far, but we have yet to get into a zone with the rail gun likely because our settings still need to be tweaked. While Quake 4 unlike Quake 3 includes a true single player experience today we focus on multiplayer performance. "

2GB Memory Kits: The Future of System Memory @ CoolTechZone.com:

"Did you notice the recent surge in 2GB dual-channel memory kit reviews? Ever wonder why memory makers are promoting 2GB memory kits now, especially with DDR. According to the information we received, yesterday was perhaps one of the most important days in the PC gaming industry, as the year's four most anticipated titles made their way to retail shelves: Age of Empires 3, Call of Duty 2, F.E.A.R and Quake 4."

Logitech Cordless Desktop S 510 with Media Remote Review @ XYZ Computing:

"This review is going to take a look at a new offering from Logitech. With its keyboards Logitech has been focusing on evolution, not revolution, which is fine, because they have a good foundation to built upon. The Logitech Cordless Desktop S 510 Media Remote is Logitech's first desktop to include a remote control, so you know its aimed at media and home theater PC (HTPC) use. This is a quickly growing segment of the market, as computers are often taking over the digital enterainment duties of the tech-savvy household. This desktop kit has great looks and functions to spare, it should be a great pick."

Apple iPod Video Review @ Designtechnica.com:

"So what makes the new iPod better than previous versions? Well for starters it includes a larger 2.5-inch QVGA color screen and is capable of video playback. The player is slimmer as well, measuring in at less than half an inch thick – that's 45 percent slimmer than the previous model. Despite its thin size, Apple has added a larger battery to this years model which promises five more hours of playback when compared to last years. That means up to 20 hours of total audio play time before this baby runs out of juice. Available in 30GB and 60GB flavors, you can store up to 150 hours of video, 15,000 songs, and up to 25,000 photos (all on the 60GB version) – that's a lot of media. Included with the new iPod is a set of ear buds, the latest iTunes (version 6) and a USB cable for charging and syncing the iPod with your PC. "

Samsung WriteMaster SE-W164 External DVD writer @ TechTastic.ca:

"An external DVD writer can be a great idea when your computer lacks the room for an addition optical drive. These portable drives are a bit more cumbersome to carry than a USB flash drive, but blank DVD's make them cost effective. Today we take a look at Samsung's new WriteMaster SE-W164 External DVD writer. The SE-W164 features a slim compact design, can be used both horizontal and vertical using the vertical stand, and can burn 8.5 gig DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL media. "