PlayStation 4 Pro To Unlock 60 FPS Twitch Streaming With Firmware Update 5.0

The last time that Sony issued a major update for the PlayStation 4 game console was when update 4.5 landed back in March. That system update added Boost Mode to the PlayStation 4 Pro among other things. Firmware Update 5.0 is incoming, and it empowers PS4 Pro gamers with the ability to stream via Twitch at 1080p and 60fps. These details have come not from Sony, but from leaked patch notes that were published.

The update is expected to launch for all gamers later this month, but an exact launch date is unknown. The update for Twitch streaming isn't all that update 5.0 will bring to the table. The update also features changes to the PS4 master/sub account system that will give parents an easier way to control what kids can see on the PlayStation Network. The update will also bring with it the ability to follow any user out there, not just verified users (verified users are typically developers).

PlayStation 4 Pro

The PS4 quick menu, accessed by pressing the PS button, also gets new notifications. The idea here is to allow you to see upload and download status without having to leave your current activity. Update 5.0 has nothing particularly Earth-shattering to add, but the changes will be welcome by many.

In update 4.5, the big Boost Mode feature was meant to improve the performance of legacy games that hadn't been optimized specifically for the PS4 Pro. That update also helped to improve the resolution of 2D games for PlayStation VR users. Before update 4.5 officially rolled out, Sony had promised that Boost Mode would up performance as much as 38 percent in some games. Later in March, Sony also added 4k streaming support to the PS4 Pro.