OnePlus 10T Gains 5G Support Across All Major US Carriers And You Can Preorder Today

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The OnePlus 10T was recently announced as a more wallet-friendly alternative to the OnePlus 10 Pro. Unlike the 10 Pro, the 10T does settle in a few areas by skipping features like the alert slider and wireless charging. Nevertheless, the hardware it does pack is decidedly premium and is paced well ahead of the cheaper Oneplus Nord N20 5G. We were given a starting price of $649 USD but the details about availability were still up in the air at the time. OnePlus has now confirmed carrier availability and is sweetening the pot with some preorder incentives.

In our review, we praised the OnePlus 10T’s powerful and efficient mobile hardware. It is incredibly snappy with its combination of a 120 Hz display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC, and up to 16GB of LPDDR5 memory. We also noted that its 125W charging has revolutionized how we go about topping off our phone. In the time it takes us to tie our shoes and grab our keys, the OnePlus 10T can either fully charge or get close to it.

Pre-orders for the OnePlus 10T have now opened this morning and will end on September 28th. In US markets, the OnePlus 10T will be compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon networks with both 4G and 5G coverage. In Canada, the OnePlus 10T will support Bell and Telus 5G and 4G networks plus Rogers and Freedom networks on 4G only. Open sales will begin September 29th priced at $649 USD ($849 CAD) for the 8/128GB version and $749 USD ($999 CAD) for the 16/256GB version.

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Preorder The OnePlus 10T 16/256GB For $649 ($100 Off)

As we mentioned, OnePlus is offering various preorder incentives through different retail channels. On its own store, those who preorder prior to September 8th will receive an optional offer to buy the 16/256GB model for the 8/128GB model’s price ($649 - 13% Off). Alternatively, OnePlus will add in a free protective case and an 80W car charger for those who stick with the 8/128GB model. From September 8th onwards, OnePlus’s store will not be upgrading specs, but will give the case and 80W car charger to those who preorder the 16/256GB variant instead ($749).

If you miss the first week’s offer and still want the higher end configuration at a lower price, both Amazon and Best Buy have you covered. These retailers will offer the 16/256GB model priced the same as the 8/128GB model for all preorders through September 28th ($649 - 13% Off). However, these offers do not include the protective case or 80W car charger.