OCZ Technology Announces New Ultra-Slim Mini-Kart USB Flash Drives

OCZ Technology Announces New Ultra-Slim Mini-Kart USB Flash Drives Thin Enough to Store in Your Wallet

OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, today announced the second addition to their reputable flash product line-the OCZ Mini-Kart USB 2.0 Flash Drive series. The ultra-slim design of the Mini-Kart makes data storage and transferring easier and more portable than ever.

The OCZ Mini-Kart is the ideal solution for anyone seeking ultimate portability with their personal USB flash drive; The lightweight Mini-Kart housing is 2.8mm thick, making this compact unit small enough to store in your wallet, ensuring that it is always handy to access or transfer documents, music, pictures and videos from your home or work computer.

"Miniaturization is the biggest trend in the semiconductor industry,"
commented Dr. Michael Schuette, VP of Technology Development at OCZ Technology. "The ultra-thin miniature USB 2.0 Mini-Kart drive is designed with ultimate portability and reliability in mind, and is the perfect vehicle for transferring anything from valuable files and multimedia to huge game demos from one rig to another." READ MORE...