NVIDIA Game Ready Driver Update Brings Flight Simulator Fixes, Improved Horizon Zero Dawn DLSS

hero horizon zero dawn
It's Monday, and you know what that means, kids: well, absolutely nothing, actually. There's a new GeForce driver update that just dropped, though. GeForce WHQL driver version 497.29 is Game Ready for Horizon: Zero Dawn—which just got a patch adding DLSS support—and GTFO, a cooperative horror FPS game that's finally had its 1.0 release on Steam after a couple of years of life in Early Access. It also includes the usual pack of polish and fixes you'll find in a new driver release.

Top of the docket for this driver should probably be two major fixes for Microsoft Flight Simulator. A certain cause of crashing during gameplay should be solved, and likewise, pilots should stop seeing strange "bruised" artifacts in the ground textures. This driver also resolves an issue in Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance and Supreme Commander 2, where performance would drop when the mouse cursor was moving.

Another curious pointer problem, where moving the mouse for a long time on the Windows desktop caused system stuttering, has been addressed in this driver as well. Finally, what some may find as the most important fix of all: the German-language localization of the NVIDIA Control Panel has had a spelling error corrected. 

Naturally, as with any rolling-release software, some issues remain. Deathloop may crash or suffer a "Timeout Detection & Recovery" (TDR) error when HDR is enabled in Windows. You can work around this by turning HDR off using the Windows toggle. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed may crash when you enter the water; NVIDIA didn't offer a workaround for this one which is a bummer, because that game is fantastic.

inline sonic all stars
Sonic & All-Stars Racing - Seriously, it's a ton of fun.

Non-gaming known issues in the new driver include a problem where enabling HDR after enabling G-Sync may cause the mouse cursor to get stuck, but apparently you can fix it by simply clicking any mouse button. Laptop GPUs may not respect the display multiplexer setting after a reboot. There's a couple of bugs with NVIDIA Image Scaling; NVIDIA says not to apply the filter to your desktop, and you probably shouldn't use it with HDR, either.

Last but not least, the dreaded "random black screen flicker" bug in multi-monitor configurations is still hanging around. NVIDIA has offered no explanation for this issue, but it's definitely driver-related, as rolling back to an older driver resolves the problem. (This writer is on 472.12 for this very reason.) Hopefully Mean Green can get this ironed out soon; maybe we'll see another hotfix driver.

If you're a GeForce Experience user, you probably already have the new driver, or at least a prompt to download it. If you're not, you can go snag it from GeForce.com as usual, or click here to read the PDF release notes. Also, there's still about 19 hours left to try the System Latency Challenge, so don't miss out on your chance to win some fancy hardware for playing a video game for a few minutes.