NVIDIA Bans Overclocking On All Upcoming G80 Boards?

Fuad over at the Inquirer is digging around again and seems to have uncovered something of interest for those of you looking forward to NV's next gen DX10 product that is rumored, we-can-neither-confirm-nor-deny, to be around the corner soon.

"NVIDIA told all of its partners that it simply won't allow the overclocking of G80 cards. It doesn't want another Geforce 7900 GT overclocking fiasco that caused a too high return rate for the cards."

Not surprising really but doubtful perhaps.  You can characterize these chips all you want and put elaborate HSF solutions on them to mitigate heat but at the end of the day, you have no idea of knowing what it's going to do to the real failure rate of a card or GPU, rather than just the MTBF.  Throw in a bunch of other variables like voltage, current, air-flow, duty-cycle, the angle of the dangle and how the sun, moon and stars are aligned.  Yeah, it's that scientific.  In other words, it's sort of like something you already knew but maybe were in denial of -- OC your own card and you're on your own.  Or buy a factory OC'ed card from a board partner but make sure you have a healthy warranty and good support of that warranty.

Oh and we've recently had discussions with a few NVIDIA partners and though they couldn't comment on record, we'd suggest you wait and see.