Microsoft Next Gen Anaconda Xbox Rumored More Advanced Than PlayStation 5

Sony and its PlayStation 4 won the console wars for the current generation with higher sales numbers than Microsoft's Xbox could muster. Sony announced back in January that it has sold a total of 92 million PS4 consoles since its debut. Sony is aiming to continue its sales domination with the PS5 and has been bragging about the hardware and price point it is targeting with the next-gen device. Sony has confirmed that the PS5 will be powered by an AMD Zen 2-based Octacore Ryzen processor.

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Microsoft has no intentions of letting Sony get away with winning the sales crown in the next generation of the console wars and to prevent that it is beefing up the hardware inside the next-generation Xbox.

This rumor isn't the first time the "Anaconda" codename has been tied to the next generation Xbox console. A rumor in February claimed that hardware inside the Anaconda console would be talked about at E3 2019 this summer. As for the inside sources that Ainsley Bowden cites on Twitter, all he would say on the topic was that the sources weren't necessarily "his sources." Bowden claims that the informants are reliable and have a good track record when it comes to leaks on Microsoft and Xbox hardware.

Microsoft will need to cram powerful hardware inside the next Xbox if it wants to have a chance against the PS5. The hardware Sony plans to cram inside the PS5 is impressive and Microsoft will need to bring serious performance to the table. It looks as if the next-gen console wars are shaping up to be a win for gamers no matter their preferred console maker.