Sony PS4 Becomes Fastest Game Console To Sell 100 Million Units

The PlayStation 4 is nearing the end of its reign as the flagship current-generation gaming console from Sony. The company has already been talking up its PS5 game console and had promised that the PS5 would have an appealing price considering its performance. While the PS5 is on the way, the PS4 is still selling reasonably well, despite sales slowing somewhat. Sony's latest earnings report had some PS4 tidbits buried inside, and it was revealed that the console has now sold over 100 million units.

ps4 and controller

Sony said that it sold 3.2 million PS4 consoles between March 31 and June 30 after announced that 96.8 million units had been sold to date in the previous quarter. With sales numbers for the latest quarter added in, the PS4 console has hit the 100 million units sold mark, taking just five years and seven months to reach that number. That means that the PS4 hit the 100 million mark two months faster than the Wii. Sony has also confirmed that for the first time more people are buying games via digital downloads than on physical discs. 

PS4 sales have stayed strong since the console launched and have only recently started to slow. Slowing sales is likely due to Sony confirming the PS5 is on the way, many gamers are holding out for that console to launch. Sony has warned investors that sales for the PS4 have declined more than it forecast last quarter for all of 2019.

The PS5 is expected to land in the fall of 2020, roughly a year from now and bring with it all sorts of new tech for gamers. That new tech includes an incredibly fast SSD, ray-tracing, support for 8K gaming, and full backwards compatibility with PS4 games.