News from ABIT, 6800s, Flash Memory, SiS Road Map and Trouble for Intel?

Good morning everyone. JeffB checking in to ring in the new weekend. Since I've started working from home, weekends have a lot less meaning than they used to, but I still look forward to them. If all goes well I will be snuggling up with a new piece of hardware this afternoon. Otherwise I think I will be getting out. Thanks to my latest addiction, Far Cry, I haven't gotten out much in the last couple of weeks. I really hate games that don't have in-game saves, but I will say that Far Cry is an exception. If you haven't checked it out, you should, it's one of the best I've ever played. Just be aware, this bad boy stresses even the most powerful systems to the brink of reboots. Little secret, turn down image quality preset. Took me to the end to figure that one out :( Ah, it was still worth it! Let's get going...

-Press Release -

ABIT - AS8 Launches - Great Proven Intel 865PE chipset

June 24, 2004 - ABIT Computer Corporation is proud to announce the latest motherboard in its Intel(R) Pentium™4 series. The AS8 delivers performance and value in spades. The AS8 comes with the new OTES AeroFlow™ for the best onboard cooling solution and overclocking strips for more stable and powerful overclocking . ABIT's ?Guru™ has added Autodrive™ to allow ABIT users to have their PC automatically speed up or slow down according to what the user is doing. With ABIT's BulletProof Technology, the AS8 is Torture Test Passed to ensure durability not found on other boards. Designed for Intel's 865PE chipset, the AS8 features the new LGA775 P4 platform. The AS8 comes equipped with Dual DDR 400, SATA RAID, IEEE1394 and is ABIT Engineered.

ABIT again takes an evolutionary step with OTES AeroFlow™. The ABIT engineered, unique vertical heatsink OTES AeroFlow™ cooling solution on the Northbridge will bring a definite heat reduction not only on the Northbridge but also on VGA, Southbridge, memory, CPU as well as on the PC System itself. Not only does OTES AeroFlow™ allow for better cooling it also meets the Silent PC Standard.

The ABIT Engineers have determined that a radical new design was needed for the 775-pin CPU to be effective at reducing heat. Although active Northbridge cooling has been a solid step forward, this new ABIT engineered unique vertical heatsink design also addresses the other components that build up heat like the VGA and CPU. To this end, we have devised a new solution which takes these issues into account. This new solution will change the industry and become a new standard in motherboard cooling...

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The Tech Report has a look at SiS's desktop chipset roadmap:

"SIS'S CORE LOGIC chipsets don't garner as much attention as offerings from Intel, NVIDIA, and VIA, and that's really a shame. Enthusiasts tend to view SiS as a low-end player, and given the company's strong presence in budget motherboards, it's easy to see why. However, few enthusiasts are aware that SiS also makes high-end chipsets that perform well enough to run with the fastest core logic offerings from Intel, NVIDIA, and VIA."

XFX GeForce 6800 Ultra review @

"It overclocked well and the stock reference cooler isn't the loudest in the world. Should you wish to partake in a little next generation graphics action, you could do worse than give XFX that considerable chunk of change. Recommended for the early-adopting enthusiast."

Simple Talent 512MB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Review @ CoolTechZone:

"Portable USB drives are the latest trend amongst storage enthusiasts. These little drives offer higher storage capacity with blazing fast speeds and they are portable enough to fit inside a pocket. There are lots of manufacturers in the market who produce such devices. Some are well-known such as Verbatim while others are not highly popular such as Simple Talent."

Actiontec Wireless Bluetooth Headset Review @ NewsTechInfo:

"Actiontec is a new name to many. The company produces quality PC accessories that include Media Centers, Headsets, and Internet related products. Actiontec is known to produce high-quality products with new and innovative features. They recently announced their two latest products in the market - Digital Media Player and a Wireless Bluetooth Headset."

Ultra Products 2x512 MB PC3200 Dual Channel Kit @

"The Ultra Dual Channel Kit is clearly a budget kit as it's quite affordable and comes in a very nice box you'll never use again. If you don't plan on overclocking your FSB very much then this kit would be an ideal low budget decent performance alternative to the Corsair, TwinMOS, OCZ modules."

HardOCP is posting news of a pending recall for Intel? We should keep an eye on this:

"While we are unsure if it will be classified as a "recall", there is certainly going to many new Intel equipped motherboards pulled back from the channel as reported here on Thursday. The ICH6RW southbridge chipset supports the new motherboard 925/915 chipsets from Intel and were launched earlier this week. From information obtained today, it looks as though Intel is using a yet to be announced fabrication process on their ICH6RW chipset that is running them into some trouble due to leaking current."

Well, that's a wrap for now. Hope you all have a great weekend