NewEgg Press Release, MSI Nx6800, Thermaltake XaserV and Lots More

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LOS ANGELES, June 15, 2004 - announced today that it has begun integrating the first phase of its web improvement campaign and has revealed a myriad of new features on its web site now available to the public by visiting

Streamlined navigation, improved layout and search technology have been implemented to enhance the overall shopping experience and reaffirm as one of the top online sources for computer hardware, software and consumer electronics.

"This is a very exciting time for Newegg," says Howard Tong, Vice President of Marketing and Business Operations. "The feeling in our offices right now is electric."

The revamped more accurately reflects the company's approach to doing business. Customized modifications to make information more clear and products even easier to find were developed from keen industry insight and Newegg customer feedback.

Newegg's integrity and customer-centric attitude, along with its commitment to offering the hottest products and competitive prices, are even more striking when browsing through the redesigned online superstore.

An enriched search engine, my account page and convenient centralized navigation allow visitors the opportunity to find exactly what they are looking for with just a few simple clicks of the mouse, making window shopping or finding answers a breeze.

"This is just a small part and initial implementation of our overall website improvement strategy," said Stuart Wallock, Director of Marketing. "We hope to extend our reach to a new audience without compromising our core customer base, which is why we are creating a website that has something to offer every visitor."

Newegg's pledge to maintain low prices on every item in its vast product catalogue – more than 7,500 (and counting) different IT and CE SKUs – with secure buying and a new, more user-friendly interface is something customers can look forward to.

"We are confident the buzz will spread from our offices into the industry very quickly," assures Tong. "We already offer competitive prices, outstanding customer support and the quickest ordering processing on the Net. By implementing additional features and offering a more inviting format conducive to buying, it's a win-win situation."

Newegg continues to grow at a steady rate and the future appears bright for its customers and respective product partners. But, even as it evolves, the company's commitment to the ideal of total customer satisfaction will not diminish.

The widest selection, the lowest prices and the fastest ordering processing ... all from one company. Once you know, you Newegg.

MSI NX6800 Ultra Benchmarked @ T-Break

"The card itself is a monster- pretty much your standard FX6800 Ultra reference design with two power connectors on the back and two DVI connectors along with an S-Video connector on the front. You'll definitely lose the PCI slot next to your AGP slot due to the mammoth cooling solution. The card is very noisy until Windows is loaded and the fan enters a lower speed mode which is still not very quiet."

QTechnology Papst Ultra Quiet PSU @ ExtremeMHz

"One component that has changed quite a bit in terms of both aesthetics and performance is the Power Supply. Manufacturers are looking for ways to not only make them appeal to case modders, but also to those looking to build an ultra quiet system.  QTechnology, known for their ultra quiet PSU's, is one company dedicated to providing consumers with quality, low noise power supply units.  Many system builders may recall the name Papst as they are one of the top names in cooling fans for many enthusiasts. The new Papst series PSU from QTechnology, is equipped with a large high-end Papst 12cm cooling fan designed for quiet operation without compromising cooling performance."

Maxtor 6Y200M0 200GB Hard Drive Review @ Designtechnica

"Maxtor's DiamondMax Plus 9 6Y200M0 200GB hard drive is a reliable and solid performing hard drive. Because of its detailed instructions and Maxtor's utility program, installation is simple to do and error free. Media enthusiasts will love the large 200GB of storage space and because the 6Y200M0 is very quiet, it will not interrupt you while you work. Gamers will love the speedy access times and can rest assured that the 6Y200M0 will not slow you down."

ASUS AX-800 Pro => XT Mod @ LostCircuits

"Or not quite, at least. Rather, we were interested in what it takes to re-enable the catatonic pipelines in the X800 Pro series and how well the resulting home-made X800XT would perform. We have the details of the operation and the caveats and pitfalls along with the workarounds. Moreover, we have a few rather stunning performance numbers for your viewing pleasure."

Intel Pentium-M 745/755 Processors Benchmarked @ GamePC

"The two highest clocked members of Intel's Pentium-M family have been extremely hard to come by until now. Intel's new Dothan core based Pentium-M 745 (1.8 GHz) and 755 (2.0 GHz) processors are finally on the market, and we've updated and expanded our comparative benchmarks to include these new processors. These new chips are putting up very impressive performance numbers, especially when their low clock speeds and low heat production factors are put into play."

Samsung SyncMaster 172x Review@

"Ten years ago, purchasing a flat panel display for use with a PC could be considered crazy or ludicrous. Incredibly high prices for panels that performed poorly made them a novelty for the rich only and a candidate only for laptops. Fast forward to 2004: flat panel sales are accelerating and have surpassed that of their bulky CRT counterparts. Prices have plummeted to that of CRTs years ago. Performance, while not quite approaching that of CRTs, has become much less of an issue because they now can keep up (and often exceed) that of human eyes. Samsung, a forerunner in the LCD field, has taken the initiative and sent us one of their premier displays: the SyncMaster 172x."

Mushkin Enhanced PC3200 Special Edition Memory Review @ PCStats

"For memory manufacturers to innovate, and grab our hot little wads of cash, they have to embrace the enthusiast community. For without overclocking, all DDR would be essentially alike. Toss overclocking into the mix and things like CAS latencies, and DDR speeds start to take on a very important role. As with many devices used in computers, there is a tendency to crank up the numbers to make the product seem better.... DDR vs. DDR-2, 4X AGP vs. 8X AGP, 533MHZ FSB vs. 800MHZ FSB... and well, you get the idea right? Thankfully, memory manufacturers have come to their senses, and are focusing more on lower CAS latencies, than simply higher DDR speeds. In the following pages, PCstats will be testing out a pair of Mushkin's Enhanced Special PC3200 2-2-2 DIMM's. Each stick is 512MB in size, and when run in dual channel mode that equals a nice whopping 1024MB of system memory. As this Mushkin memory is capable of running with a CAS latency of 2-2-2-5 at! 200 MHz (at 2.5V), it means that it will work super-well on both AthlonXP/Athlon64 and Intel Pentium 4 based systems."

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