New ATi Mobile GPUs, nForce 4 articles, Flash Memory

Good morning folks!  The news is flowing at a steady clip this morning, so I won't take up too much time with my usual banter.  ATi' is making news with the official announcement of a couple of new mobile GPUs, the X800 and X300.  I had a chance to play with both of them about a week ago in NYC, and we hope to have a review of them done sometime soon...

ATI Extends Notebook PC Graphics Leadership with New Additions to Mobile PCI Express Portfolio

MOBILITY RADEON X300 and MOBILITY RADEON X800 drive new levels of performance, power management and visual realism for notebook PCs

Tuesday November 23, 2004 - MARKHAM, ON – ATI Technologies Inc. (TSX: ATY, NASDAQ:ATYT), the global leader for PC graphics, today announced two powerful new PCI Express-based graphics processors for notebook PCs – the MOBILITY RADEON X300 and MOBILITY RADEON X800. Addressing the needs of thin and light notebook PCs, MOBILITY RADEON X300 delivers the perfect blend of DirectX 9 performance and power management for consumer and commercial notebooks. At the other end of the spectrum, MOBILITY RADEON X800 is a 12 pixel pipeline mobile gaming powerhouse designed for today's most visually intensive DirectX 9 games and applications.

Complementing MOBILITY RADEON X600, the industry's first mobile PCI Express VPU, MOBILITY RADEON X300 and MOBILITY RADEON X800 give ATI the broadest and fastest portfolio of mobile PCI Express graphics processors for next-generation notebook PCs.

"As the mobile market begins the transition to PCI Express, it is imperative that OEM designers have increased choice, flexibility and performance in the design of next-generation notebook PCs," said Phil Eisler, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile and Chipset Business Unit, ATI Technologies. "With the introduction of these new products, ATI continues its tradition of delivering industry-leading visual performance, highly efficient power management and broad usability across all segments of the market."  Read More...

 ATi Mobility Radeon X800 & X300 Previews:

PC Perspective
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 Nvidia nForce 4 Ultra: Review With Performance Analysis @ AMDZone:

"Stepping up to nForce 4 SLI gives you all the features of the nForce 4 and nForce 4 Ultra, and you get the coveted SLI feature. If you are shooting for this you are a gamer, but DCC boxes with SLI Quadro's will come to market. Nvidia would not comment on dual nForce 4 chips on one board, nor whether 2P Opteron boards are coming. SLI steps you up for $200 or more for your board purchase so it won't be the comparatively cheap upgrade I enjoyed back with 3dfx and my two Pure 3D 2s."

 NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra chipset reviewed @ TR:

"The nForce4 packs a number of innovative new features, including the aforementioned PCI Express capability, a firewall-fortified Gigabit Ethernet controller with hardware acceleration, and a robust implementation of the latest Serial ATA spec, including Native Command Queuing for SCSI-like disk I/O performance under heavy loads. The question is, do all of the marketers' talking points add up to superior performance?"

 The Ultimate Techie Christmas Gift Guide @ The Tech Zone:

"The Tech Zone has their Ultimate Techie Christmas Gift Guide up. If you have an impossible person to buy for, then this is the guide for you. If you want to spend an insane amount of money on some really expensive (and sometimes stupid) techie gifts, this is also the guide for you! Gifts range from a $600 MP3 player, $8,000 internet refrigerator, a $45,000 monitor plus everything in between!"

 Albatron Trinity Geforce PCX5750 PCI Express Videocard Review @

"The Albatron Trinity PCX 5750 would be the perfect card for someone in need of a videocard which is faster than budget, but not as expensive as mainstream. The card was always completely stable during normal use and oddly during overclocking and I never once had one single artifact throughout my extensive gaming and benchmarking. The card took a licking and kept on ticking. Image quality was always very good, gaming speed was acceptable if you keep out of the games full of eye candy and the card was very easy to install and setup."

 Verbatim Store 'n' Go Pro USB Drive Review @ CoolTechZone:

"Flash drives are the current generation of floppy disks, as they allow users to read and write data with extremely fast speeds in an instant. The drives' USB 2.0 compliance aids in transferring data back and forth at 480MBps theoretically. They sweeten the deal even more with their high storage capacities that go as high as 2GB. Then you can add to their overall smaller size and sleek design and you have a successful and futuristic product in the market. There is no hassle of storing 1.44MB of data on multiple floppy disks and there is no worry about having to drag 20 different disks with one project. Not to mention the fact that USB drives are more versatile and heavy duty, so to speak, that you won't have to worry about scratching or breaking them."

 Ars System Guide: November edition @ ARS:

"Just in time for the holiday shopping season, the Ars System Guide returns, bringing an update to the God Box, Budget Box, and Hot Rod.
Some of the components have seen big changes in the last two months, and one particular availability issue has vanished, which means big changes for the God Box. If you're thinking about building a new system, or upgrading your current one, the Ars Technica System Guide is the place to start."

 MSI RX800 XT Video card @ DesignTechnica:

"The question everyone has been asking is which graphics card is the best, the Nvidia 6800 Ultra or the ATI X800 XT. There is no real answer to this. The differences in performance between the two chips are so small that it is rarely noticeable by the average gamer, but Nvidia appears to hold a slight lead. If you have a beefy power supply that puts out more than 480-watts of power, go with the MSI NX6800 Ultra which is based on the Nvidia 6800 chip. But if you are a loyal ATI fan or you are worried about not having enough power to run the Nvidia based card, then the MSI RX800 is the card for you. Either way, you will not be disappointed by what you get."

That's all I've got for this installment.  Check back later though, we'll be posting an article shortly.