Muskin PC2-4200 DDR2, Muskin PC4400 DDR, & Creative Inspire M80 Monitor

Good morning and happy Friday to you.  The hardware news front is a little quiet today, but we pulled together a few items worth the read.  Check out two flavors of Mushkin RAM, then wrap it up with a new monitor from Creative that is worthy of your attention.  

Mushkin PC2-4200 DDR2 Low Latency Kit @ Viper Lair:

"We were quite pleased with Mushkin's PC2-4200 3-2-2-8 as it performed reliably and was quick as well. We did hit some hurdles in overclocking past DDR2-667, but in that case you would be better served by their PC2-5300 kit. Other than that, Mushkin doesn't package the bling such as flashing LEDs, but in turn their ram modules are easier on the wallet."

Mushkin 1GB DC DDR PC4400 @

"The Mushkin 1GB High Performance Dual Channel DDR550 memory module will meet the needs of most enthusiasts. This pair of DDR 550 is one of the fastest frequencies RAM of the DDR memory range. These dual channels RAM are able to run at tight timing which is the best and basic requirement for a good memory module. Furthermore, by relax the timing to 2.5-3-3-5, the RAM was able to hit 262.5 MHz which is equal to DDR 525. That was an excellent result. According to the specification sheet, this pair of RAM is able to reach DDR550."

Creative Inspire Monitor M80 Review @ XBITLABS:

"We would like to introduce to you a new budget product from Creative Labs intended for semi-professional sound systems. This is a truly excellent system for the unbelievably low price."