Microsoft Sweetens Xbox One Halo Master Chief Bundle With Two Free Games And $50 Store Credit

Just when we thought that Microsoft’s smokin’ Xbox One deals couldn’t get any better, the company outdoes itself. Last week, the company was running a promotion that offered anyone that purchased an Xbox One an additional free game. The Microsoft Store sweetened the deal by adding in $50 of store credit for buyers.

Today, Microsoft going even further by throwing in one additional free game into the mix when purchasing the Xbox One + Halo The Master Chief Collection Bundle. Not only do you get Halo The Master Chief Collection, but you also receive a free digital download for Assassin's Creed Unity. And if that’s enough, you can choose from one of 15 free games (physical game disc) to add to your cart for free. And for the cherry on top, Microsoft is still including the $50 in Microsoft Store credit, which will be emailed to you within ten days of placing an order.

Xbox One Halo Master Chief Collection

And of course, all of this is available for the Xbox One’s new everyday low price of $349. If Microsoft really wants to put a dent in sales lead that Sony’s PlayStation 4 has amassed over the past year and a half, this is certainly one way to do it.

Microsoft Xbox One deals bonanza is going on at a time when the company has announced a whole gaggle of new features and hardware for the lineup. Xbox One gamers will be able to take advantage of Xbox 360 backwards compatibility, game streaming with Windows 10 machines, and those looking to gain an edge over their online foes can fork over a hefty $150 for the customizable Elite gaming controller. And for those that simply can’t make do with “only” 500GB of storage space, there’s the brand new 1TB console which is priced at $399.