Microsoft Announces Immediate Availability Of Xbox One Game Streaming On Windows 10 PCs

Microsoft's Xbox One has sure been receiving a lot of love at this year's E3. Yesterday, Microsoft revealed that it'd be introducing Xbox 360 backwards compatibility, which is something I'm sure very few people expected. In the same presentation, the company also introduced the Xbox Elite Wireless controller - priced at a staggering $150.

The great thing about the backwards compatibility roll out is that users who are part of the preview program can access that now. Microsoft wasn't done with the announcements that can be taken advantage of now: today it's unveiled that the feature to stream from an Xbox One to a Windows 10 PC is now available.

Xbox One UI Update
Xbox One's upcoming UI revamp

This feature acts just as you'd suspect: the console streams its video to a Windows 10 PC, and with a gamepad plugged into that PC, you can enjoy the game. All games will stream just fine, but those that require special peripherals won't be very usable - such as those that use Kinect (though that could become possible since Kinect is available for the PC).

When an Xbox One is streaming to a PC, the console's full interface can be used - it doesn't just begin streaming when a game is loaded (else that'd have limited use). Because the entire console UI is streamed, you could also take advantage of the Xbox's other features on your Windows 10 PC, including the ability to stream Xbox 360 games thanks to the new backwards compatibility.

If only this new ability upscaled the resolution, taking advantage of a PC's much more powerful hardware. I need to keep dreaming.