Microsoft Black Friday Deals Discount Xbox One S To $189, Takes $329 Off Surface Pro

Over the past week, many of the country's leading retailers have unveiled their tantalizing Black Friday deals. We've seen ads from Best Buy, Target, and Walmart among others. Hardware companies are also getting in on the festivities as well; the latest of which is Microsoft.

The company just posted its Black Friday ad, and there are quite a few gems in there for gamers and productivity fiends alike. On the gaming front, Microsoft will discount the Xbox One S 500GB console to just $189 (a price matched by a few other retailers for Black Friday). However, Microsoft is sweetening the deal by giving you a choice of a free game and a one-month trial for Xbox Game Pass.

xbox one s 1600

If 500GB is simply too little space to hold all of your games and media, Microsoft will also be discounting the 1TB Xbox One S bundles by $50, while all other Xbox One S bundles will see a $50 price reduction.

On the Surface side of things, Microsoft is serving up some tasty deals there as well. Microsoft has slashed the price of the 128GB Surface Pro i5 by $229, while the 256GB Surface Pro i5 will see its price cut by $329. Even better, Microsoft is thrown in a free Type Cover. We hope you like black, because that is the only color you can choose for the Type Cover -- but we aren't going to argue with free.

surface pro main

If you prefer the Surface Laptop, customers that purchase a model with a 256GB or higher SSD will receive a free Harman Karmon Invoke Cortana speaker.

Going through the Black Friday, there are also plenty of discounts on Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and Acer laptops along with up to a $100 savings on Windows Mixed Reality headsets. If you're looking for games, there are $10 and $20 discounts respectively on Call of Duty: WWII and Forza Motorsport 7 Standard Edition.

All in all, Microsoft seems to have something for everyone with its Black Friday deals, so be sure to take a look at what the company has to offer.