Meta Quest Pro: Sensor Upgrades, Xbox Gaming And Everything You Need To Know

meta quest pro
The new Meta Quest Pro has been officially announced, and is being billed as a new line of advanced VR headsets built for collaborations, creativity, and getting things done. It is available for pre-order now, with a shipping date beginning on October 25, 2022.

Virtual reality is one of the fastest growing markets in gaming. With more options being put on the market, such as Sony's PlayStation VR2, Meta knows that it must step up its own VR game in order to keep competing in an ever expanding metaverse. With that in mind, the company announced its newest Meta Quest Pro headset yesterday during the opening of the Meta Connect 2022 conference.

The Meta Quest Pro, formerly known as Project Cambria, is the first in a new line of advanced headsets from Meta. The new pancake lenses fold light over several times, allowing the headset to be lighter while still delivering high-quality visuals. Even the curved battery on the back of the unit is aimed at producing a more balanced and ergonomic experience for the user.

The Pro version also delivers 4x as many pixels as the Meta Quest 2, creating the opportunity to make the headset the first full-color mixed reality device as well. The new inward-facing sensors will also enhance the experience, by enabling the user to have their natural facial expressions and eye movement captured. This is said to improve the social presence, or giving you the feeling you are right there with someone no matter where you might be.

meta quest pro controller

In terms of the controllers, Meta Quest Pro comes with a set that were re-engineered to be more ergonomic and balanced. They also incorporate upgraded haptics using Meta's new TruTouch Haptics system, as well as rechargeable batteries and a charging dock. If you happen to own a Quest 2 headset, you will be happy to know that the Pro version controllers are able to be used with your headset too. You can purchase a standalone pair for $299.99 USD.

Another exciting announcement that come along with the Meta Quest Pro headset, is that users will have new ways to game in VR as well. From Marvel's Iron Man VR on Meta Quest 2, to other games such as The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners-Chapter 2: Retribution, gamers have a lot to look forward to in the coming months. And it doesn't stop there. New projects with Skydance Interactive, and wait for it, Xbox Cloud Gaming were announced as well. Yes, Xbox Gaming is coming to the Meta Quest Store (no date has been given as to when yet).

If you are wanting to up your VR/AR game, you can pre-order the Meta Quest Pro now for $1,499.99 USD on Meta's website.