Logitech z680 Speakers, HighSpeedPC Tech Station and more!

Hey folks, it's late but I've come to bring you the news while I still have a little brain activity left. Goodnight and peace out ;)

Slipstreaming Office 2003 SP1 @ Viper Lair

"Quite a few folks out there have a tendency or need to reinstall their systems on a regular basis and whilst many have got this down to an art, finding a shortcut that can reduce the overall re-install time is always a boon. I personally like to reinstall from scratch rather than making disk images, since I can update my applications along the way, but in the case of Microsoft Office we do have an option for a shortcut."

HighSpeedPC Tech Station @ Phoronix

"HighSpeedPC, one of our newest sponsors here at Phoronix, recently presented us with one of their patent pending product - the HSPC Tech Station. This is by far not a traditional chassis for your computer, but an open-air computer workbench."

Three-Way Gaming Mouse Showdown @ LAN Addict

"I found, and continue to find, th e Razer Viper the most responsive and easiest to control of the three mice. The extra large buttons make it hard to not get a shot off and the 1000dpi resolution of the mouse makes it easy to get the crosshair where you want it. Now, if it could just correct my aim a bit, I'd be all set to take on all comers! Well, maybe not..."

Logitech z680 Surround Sound Speakers @ TechTastic.ca

"Even today's games have seen a benefit for better audio with the introduction of Dolby, DTS, THX, and Surround Sound in games to make them even more immersive. With all this media, to really enjoy all this you might want to think about getting a good set of speakers. Those 20$ stereo speakers just won't cut it any more! So today we're going to look at mid range to high end system from Logitech, their Z680 Surround Sound Speakers."