Logisys Pitbull PSU, Corsair Flash Drive and More

Good morning everyone, welcome back :)  With quite the mammoth amount of snow falling over the past few days, things have been "interesting" up here in the Great White North.  Not that I am really complaining though, this fresh snow has enabled me to patch a few holes in the roof of my igloo which where letting in a nasty draft ;)

Nonetheless, it is getting late and the news-bin is filling up.  Here is your AM shot...

 Logisys Pitbull 500W Power Supply @ ExtremeMHz

"Power supplies are probably one of the most overlooked and under appreciated components in a computer system. In the last few years however, the pre-modded power supply has appeared and has become much more mainstream. Today, I have one of the latest designs from Logisys Computer – The Pitbull. Available in three chrome finishes and boasting 500W of peak power and doing all of this for less than 50 bucks certainly merits taking a look!"

 BigBruin.Com Review: 512MB Corsair Flash Voyager

"The trade off of size for durability is one I am betting lots of folks will be willing to make. I think you will be hard pressed to find a better built, better working USB flash drive on the market, but then again this is Corsair, and we have come to expect the best from them."

 Corsair PC2-5400 C4 Pro Series @ Bytesector 

"Corsair got off the mark quickly though and decided that offering a higher speed memory might make up for the lack of performance at 533MHz. The result is their fastest memory yet which runs at 667MHz and as fast as 800MHz when overclocked!! Let's take a look at this stuff and see how it performs in one of the latest motherboards."

 D-Link Air Premier 802.11a/b/g Wireless Network @ Bjorn3D

"With that network, Internet and file sharing worked well for small files, but when streaming videos off of my server to the wireless clients, things got choppy at times. So I started my search for a faster wireless solution. This led me to the local Best Buy where I picked up a D-Link DI-784 Wireless Router. I chose this router due to the ability of it being able to work with 802.11a/b/g. This would let me set up the network independent on the cards I used for the wireless network. This router also has full support for WPA security, which is stronger protection than WEP which also is a plus."

 Zalman VF700-Cu GPU Cooler Review Posted @ Rojackpot

"We have already taken a look at the new Zalman VF700-AlCu GPU cooler. Silent cooling and better performance was what it delivered. But can we get more out of its unique flower heatsink design? Today, we take a look at the full-copper version - the Zalman VF700-Cu GPU cooler! Let's see how much better it is over the hybrid AlCu! "