Intel Arc A580 Desktop GPU Benchmark Leak Follows Launch of A570M, A530M Mobile GPUs

intel arc graphics card break out
When Intel originally introduced the Arc graphics card family to us, it was described as including three tiers of cards, just like the company's Core i- family of CPUs originally did. The Arc 3 were to be entry-level GPUs, the Arc 5 were to be mid-range gaming parts, and the Arc 7 were to be performance-class parts for gamers.

Things didn't really shake out that way; the Arc 3 parts serve fine as entry-level GPUs, but the top-end Arc A770 only ever struck into AMD and NVIDIA's mid-range, leaving little room for an Arc 5 family in the product stack between the $150 Arc A370 and the $250 Arc A750.

intel arc a580 geekbench

As it turns out, we may see that Arc A580 after all. Exactly such a GPU has popped up in the Geekbench database, spotted by the tireless electric eye of the Benchleaks bot. Naturally, it appears in the Compute section of the database, with an OpenCL benchmark result of 82,992 points. That's not far off from some scores for the Arc A750; it's also about on par with the Radeon RX 7600 and within striking distance of the GeForce RTX 3060.

The card is listed as having 8GB of memory onboard and 384 compute units, which in this case refers to Execution Units. That's exactly three-fourths of what you'll find in an Arc A770. In other words, it's a further-cut-down A750. It's impossible to tell from this benchmark what speed of memory Intel is using on the card, but the presence of 8GB of video RAM means that it likely retains the 256-bit memory bus of the A750 and A770, so it could have the very same impressive 512 GB/sec of memory bandwidth as the bigger GPUs.

intel arc a5m comparison on intel ark

This leak comes immediately after two new Arc mobile GPUs appeared on Intel's website with no warning or fanfare at all. These parts are likewise from the Arc 5 family, being the Arc A530M and Arc A570M. Arc 5 had already launched in mobile; the Arc A550M has been available in a few laptops as well as Intel's Serpent Canyon NUC for a good while now.

The Arc A570M is the exact same GPU as the A550M, simply with the TDP raised from 60W to a range between 75 and 90W. That apparently gives the unspecified Alchemist GPU license to increase its GPU clock from a conservative 900 MHz to a slightly-less conservative 1300 MHz. While that might seem a minor change, a 44% increase in GPU clock is nothing to sneer at by any means.

Meanwhile, the Arc A530M is a smaller GPU with 192 EUs instead of 256. It clocks at up to 1.3 GHz, and also has a higher power range than the A550M at 65W to 95W. Despite the name implying lower performance, we expect that the A530M will perform similarly or perhaps even faster than the A550M thanks to the higher clock rate.

intel arc a series SoCs

Videocardz were the first ones to notice the A530M and A570M; the new GPUs were mentioned in the Arc driver that we reported on earlier today. It's not clear exactly what chip these SKUs might use. Given the specifications, they're too big for the A380's ACM-G11 chip, but they would have to be extremely cut-down from ACM-G10. It's possible that these parts are based on the newer ACM-G12 processor that we saw first in the Arc Pro A60 and A60M.

Whatever the case, the Intel Ark database lists the launch window for the Arc A530M and A570M as "Q3 '23", so expect these new mid-range mobile parts to start appearing in laptops any day now.