Intel Arc Alchemist A770 LE And A750 Release Dates And Pricing Revealed

arc a750 hero
Intel finally confirmed the release date and pricing of the long-awaited Arc Alchemist A770 GPU at its Innovation 2022 event earlier this week, but we were left waiting for concrete details about the Limited Edition version of the card and its little sibling, the Arc A750. Well, Intel has just released another batch of details, so let’s dive into it.

The flagship Arc A770 card will indeed release on Wednesday, October 12th with a starting price of $329 USD. We now also know that the A770 LE (Limited Edition) will carry a slightly higher price tag of $349 USD. For its part, the extra $20 nets buyers a major graphics memory upgrade—the base versions of the A770 will include 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM while the A770 LE has 16GB.

intel arc a750 pricing

The new Arc A750 will also be available on October 12th and will carry a starting price of $289 USD. The A750 offers the same 8 GB of GDDR6 memory at similar clocks that the base A770 does. It will also have an Intel-built Limited Edition version, though this card will not see the same graphics memory bump to 16 GB that the A770 LE enjoys.

arc a750 a770 specifications

While we do not yet know exactly how performance stacks up, the major difference 770 and 750 series  is in the Xe-core counts and ray-tracing units—the A750 has 28 of each where the A770 has 32. Memory bandwidth is only higher for the A770 LE, as the base A770 with 8GB will also run at 512GB/s like the A750. Both Arc 7 tier cards further share the same 225W total board power (TBP) rating and carry respectable 3-year warranties.

arc a750 performance normalized

Intel does provide performance comparisons between the A750 and NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3060, though. The comparison spans dozens of popular titles and a variety of graphics APIs. The general trend shows the A750 winning out more often with newer DX12 and Vulkan API’s, while older DX11 titles are generally better served by a competitive Geforce RTX 3060 in most cases.

gpu pricing gen on gen

Intel has been very vocal about entering the discrete GPU market at a very aggressive price point. To underscore this, Intel compares A770 and A750 pricing to a combined average of recent GeForce RTX 3060 pricing. It concludes that the Arc A770 provides +42% lift in performance-per-dollar value, compared to the $418 USD RTX 3060 average price point, while the Arc A750 represents +53% performance-per-dollar value.

arc a750 perf per dollar 1440p

Intel extends this value analysis to individual games. At 1440p, Intel shows the Arc A750 exceeding the performance per dollar value of the GeForce RTX 3060 in every title, culminating in a 2x value lead in Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition and Arcadegeddon.

arc a770 perf per dollar 1440p

The Arc A770 is similarly compared to the RTX 3060. The value proposition does not span quite as high, but it still represents a better bang for the buck ratio in most titles. Notably, it does fall just under the level of the RTX 3060 in League of Legends, Total War: Warhammer III, and Dota 2. These titles are likely more CPU-limited which diminishes graphics performance between platforms, but also are lightweight enough that the experience should be fantastic in either case.

intel arc bringing back balance

Intel’s data is from September 22nd, but market prices are dropping quickly. That said, when we hunt down GeForce RTX 3060 pricing ourselves, it still sounds like the Arc GPUs stand to deliver strong value. The GeForce RTX 3060 is currently hovering around $370 to $400 on Newegg with some pricier options, so it still sits higher than the A770 will debut. If the cards are indeed matched in performance—and if stability is good—then Intel might yet be able to claw some market share for itself.

intel arc game bundle 1

As an added value kicker, both the A750 and A770 GPU’s will be bundled with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II at launch. This will release a little after the graphics cards on October 28th. In addition, if buyers join Intel Gaming Access, they’ll get three additional games: Batman Gotham Knights, Ghostbuster Spirits Unleashed and The Settlers. This is not quite the same as the leaked bundle we saw, but are welcomed value-adds nonetheless.

intel arc game bundle 2

We are still waiting for news about the midrange A580 option, and hopefully it is not far behind. We expect this card to be priced even more aggressively, which could indeed be well-received. As comfortable as NVIDIA is with selling thousand dollar GPUs, most of the gaming market still wants sub-$500 options that meet their needs.

intel arc gpu line up

In any case, we look forward to finally putting these cards through their paces in our own independent testing. And with availability starting October 12th, you can bet we will have our deep dive review and full thoughts published here soon. So stay tuned.