Custom Glass Desk Houses A Game Crushing GeForce RTX 4090 And Looks Amazing

hero custom desk pc hailtothekym
There are a lot of exotic custom PC build concepts that we love to obsess over. Whether it’s a mineral oil aquarium bath or a steampunk bourbon barrel, PC building can be an incredible outlet for creativity and engineering. Integrating a high-end gaming PC into a desk is another fun challenge among these lines, and redditor HailToTheKym (u/Kumag1989) has shared their own custom-built desk which incorporates the massive NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090.

Some in-desk computers span the entire width of the desk. This can look great aesthetically but creates a practical height constraint if it is more than a few inches deep. Instead, HailToTheKym uses a desk they had built years prior with drawers on the left side and a custom space for the PC on the right. This leaves the middle section nice and thin for a more comfortable user experience.

custom desk pc front view

Overall, the PC portion is quite spacious and measures just under 1 foot high and 3 feet wide and deep (300mm x 900mm x 900mm). The front and right-side edges use glass panels to improve the view. The top is also covered with a pane of glass (1/4-inch) which is hinged in the rear to provide access to the system. The remaining sides and bottom provide airflow in and out of the chamber to keep things running cool.

Of course, the desk is the vessel for some bodacious hardware. This system was recently updated with an MSI GeForce RTX 4090 Gaming Trio GPU and custom Cablemod 12VHPWR connector. The GPU is mounted in a way where it appears to float above the rest of the components via a ThermalTake PCIe extension cable and riser mount.

custom desk pc rtx 4090 upgrade

This PC has been through a few hardware revisions. HailToTheKym says it started with an Intel Core i7-6700K, which has since been upgraded to a Core i9-11900K. The CPU is cooled with a custom liquid cooling loop. It uses soft tubing, rather than hard piping which is one of the few aspects we could call out for a future upgrade. Admittedly though, hard line cooling would make future replacements more difficult and expensive than it may be worth.

custom desk pc plant and drives

The build uses 32GB of G.SKILL’s Trident Z DDR4 RAM, though the frequencies and timings are unknown. We can see plenty of storage with a 2.5” Samsung SATA SSD and at least three 3.5” HDDs visible—one of which is hiding under a plant. Don’t worry, HailToTheKym says the plant is fake.

custom desk pc iron man helmet

As cool as the setup is, the real flex might just be the Iron Man MK42 helmet on top of the desk. It typically lists for over $650, but right now it is marked down to “just” $499.98 on Amazon. We particularly like how the eye slots pick up the glow of the LED lighting below.
custom desk pc plans
If you are handy with woodworking, a skill I sorely lack, HailToTheKym has posted plans for the desk as well, and you can see even more photos of the build past and present in this imgur album. Thanks for sharing, HailToTheKym!