NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 Ti Specs Allegedly Revealed And It's An 800W Beast GPU

GeForce RTX graphics card
You've probably heard a lot of conflicting things about the power consumption of NVIDIA's upcoming Ada family of GPUs, which are named after Ada Lovelace. There have been wildly varying reports ranging from 400W all the way up to "800W or more". The thing is, most of these rumors are probably accurate—they're just referring to different parts.

The latest rumors we have regarding the first part to debut are that it will be branded "GeForce RTX 4090," that it will pack a slightly cut-down AD102 processor, and that it will likely be in the 450-watt range. This puts it in a similar place compared to the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, although it's expected to outpace that processor's performance by as much as double thanks to being both denser and higher-clocked.

The information suggesting a power draw upwards of 600 watts relates to a theoretical GeForce RTX 4090 Ti, the absolute top-end product based on the AD102 GPU. We haven't seen or heard any mention of this design finding its way to release, yet, but preliminary versions of it definitely exist.

kopite7kimi thebeast tweet

That's quite likely the device that reliable leaker kopite7kimi is referring to as "the beast" in the above tweet. He describes it as using the AD102-450-A1 GPU, which would indicate that it is nearly the full AD102 die. Indeed, the shader specification he gives is for 18,176 FP32s, just two shader modules removed from the full 144-SM die that we know about from the LAPSUS$ leak.

"The beast" apparently packs 48GB—yes, that's forty-eight gigabytes—of GDDR6X memory screaming at 24 Gbps. Earlier rumors have also indicated that such a chip might be clocked as high as 3GHz. Given the insane memory speed and even more ludicrous GPU clock, it's no surprise that he describes the total board power as "~800W".

ada lovelace leaked specs chart
Here are the full specifications of the Ada family before final cuts for segmentation and binning.

Such a GPU, if released with those specifications, would absolute demolish everything else on the market—including all but the beefiest power supplies. In fact, with the possibility for transient spikes over 1.6 kW, it's possible that this GPU alone could trip a circuit breaker in most American homes.

We would expect from past experience that NVIDIA will keep this gargantuan monstrosity waiting in the wings in case competitor AMD surprises Mean Green with its own terrifyingly-oversized GPU. Based on what we have heard in leaks and rumors, AMD's next-generation parts are expected to be competitive with the 450W version of AD102, but we haven't heard about anything that could compete with this power-devouring part.