GeForce 6800 GS Review Roundup, ATI Radeon X1K Overclocking

The GeForce 6800 GS reviews are in! Lots of Nvidia related news in this post tonight, so to balance it out, we've included a link to TweakTown's ATI X1K Overclocking adventures. Enjoy the news, and goodnight!

Nvidia GeForce 6800 GS Reviews:

Cross-platform game development and the next generation of consoles @ Ars Technica

"By the end of 2006, all three of the next-generation game consoles will be on the market. But with Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony all going with more complex hardware for their upcoming consoles, how easy will it be to develop for three very particular platforms? More complex hardware means longer development times and more time-consuming ports."

Gigabyte 6600GT Silent Pipe II Review @ Gamepyre

"This one is geared toward the silent PC market. The new Silent Pipe 6600GT brings the moderate power of the 6600 series to your computer without any moving parts that cause noise. Using heat-pipe technology that they call Silent Pipe II allows a large heatsink and heat-pipes to dissipate heat away from the card."

ATI Radeon X1K Overclocking – Testing R520 and RV530 @ TweakTown

"Today we will be using that very tool and overclocking both the new Radeon X1800XT and X1600XT. We would have liked to also include the X1800XL but unfortunately it has left our hands for the time being. We will be overclocking the next X1800XL that makes it into our labs though which will be only a few days."