Fujitsu Sub-Notebooks Get A $1300 SSD Option

DailyTech has an interesting story about Fujitsu offering a $1300 Samsung-made solid-state disk (SSD) to 2 of their sub-notebooks.  How much portable storage does one get for $1300?  According to the article: 32GB.

"Fujitsu today announced that it will begin making SSD optional on two of its ultra-portable notebook computers. Its LifeBook P1610 and LifeBook B6210 will have the option of a 16GB or 32GB SSD for storage in place of a traditional hard disk drive (HDD)."

DailyTech points out that the $1300 price is a lot higher than the cost of comparable drives from SanDisk, which go for about $350 in 1000 unit quantities. DailyTech also points out that the performance of the Samsung SSDs don't quite measure up to the SanDisk SSDs.

Here's a possibility: Battery life. Keep in mind that we're talking about sub-notebooks here, with sub-notebook sized batteries.  Most sub-notebooks are carefully designed with parts that are as efficient as reasonably possible.

While the SSDs from SanDisk certainly don't eat a lot of power compared to traditional hard disks, it may turn out that SSDs from Samsung have an edge in power consumption.  If this hypothesis is correct then it would be interesting to see how many minutes of battery life almost $1000 can buy.