Fujitsu Lifebook NS3511, SCSI Hard Drive Basics, and more!

Hey everyone! Plenty of reviews in tonight, and while I'm sure most of you are already in bed, there's still the special group of insomniacs that I owe a post to. Enjoy the news, goodnight all :).

Fujitsu Lifebook N3511 Review @ Designtechnica

"The new Fujitsu Lifebook N3511 takes a stab at the multimedia-centric notebook market by adding an integrated TV tuner and a remote control to its list of one-ups. While the N3511 may come with all the bells and whistles you would expect, it is still a heavy system especially when compared to its competitors. We also aren't sure that it's small 15.4-inch screen will entice media enthusiasts enough to jump into the Fujitsu camp."

Canon PowerShot SD300 Digital ELPH Camera Review @ The TechZone

"The Canon PowerShot SD300 Digital ELPH is the least expensive of the three digital cameras that shares the housing the SD300 uses. If you're willing to spend more or require more resolutions than the 4 Megapixel the SD300 provides, you can test out the SD400 (5 Megapixel) and SD500 (7.1 Megapixel). Aside from higher resolution, there's really not much differences between the three cameras.

Thermaltake Thermalrock Eclipse ATX Computer Case Review @

"The Eclipse has proven to be an excellent chassis. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, and this case has a lot to behold. The combination of both bold and subtle styling elements gives the Eclipse a unique look and a burley stance....."

SCSI Hard Drive Basics @ Big Bruin

"SCSI may not be an economical solution for a desktop computer, but it doesn't pretend to be. The high price tag comes with equally high performance and reliability, and in critical server and workstation applications, the added expense may easily be justified and recovered in a short period of time."

Gigabyte GV-3D1-68GT (Dual GeForce 6800 GT) @ Hardware Zone

As the only retail dual GeForce 6800 GT SLI configuration on a single board, the GV-3D1-68GT has impressive performance numbers to boast and is the only such card to offer quad display support. Is it really as good as it sounds? We detail that and much more in this review.