Heads-Up Fortnite Gamers, Avoid This Instant-Kill Location To Save Your Sanity

Epic Games has been tweaking Fortnite continuously over the months since it launched, updating the game with new content, squashing bugs and beating down cheaters. Among the new recent content was the Avengers: Endgame crossover to celebrate the launch of the movie. Epic also recently gave gamers an explanation for why it removed the siphoning feature from the game. Finally, a problem with the Fortnite season 8 unvaulting event recently prompted Epic to apologize to gamers who participated and give them a free glider. To say there's been some disruption for Fortnite players would be an understatement...

fortinte instakill
Don't try and slide down this hill near Neo-Tilted

And a new annoyance has been found in Fortnite in the form of a new insta-kill spot. Gamers have been reporting insta-kill spots to Epic Games for a while, but somehow they continue to make it into the game. The only thing that payers can do, until Epic issues a patch to address the new insta-kill spot, is to avoid it.

The new location to avoid is near Neo-Tilted and was discovered by a user on Reddit. The exact location is down the hill in Neo-Tilted and should be avoided for now. A video included with the Reddit post shows the player sliding down the hill and dying unexpectedly.

Epic Games has been working hard to make Fortnite better and announced last month that it had banned 1,000 cheaters during Fortnite World Cup. Fortnite has been under increasing pressure from new battle royale shooters like Apex Legends. Apex racked up 50 million players in a single month surpassing Fortnite for active users. In March, we learned that Fortnite revenue had plunged 48% in January 2019, with the decline primarily blamed on competition from Apex Legends. Fortnite did boast 200 million players at the time, making it one of the largest player bases of any battle royale game.