Fortnite Season 8 Unvaulting Event Issue Prompts Apology And Freebie For Players

Fortnite still remains an incredibly popular game in the battle royale arena even though Apex Legends is coming on strong. Fortnite tends to draw large masses of fans to the game when it has its massive season-ending events, and one was held recently. This "Unvaulting" event didn't go well for all of the players involved, which took place on May 4 at Loot Lake.

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Players there for the event were able to jump into a vault that opened in the location. Once inside they were able to choose a pillar to hack up that represented different weapons and items that had been vaulted and removed from the game. Players worked together to chisel away the pillars and whichever fell first was the weapon to be removed from the vault; the winning weapon was the Tommy Gun.

Once the pillar fell, players were spat back onto the island where they got to watch the volcano that appeared for Season 8 erupt and destroy Tilted Towers readying the island for Season 9. There was an issue that kept some players from witnessing the eruption. Epic Games acknowledged the problem and has offered up something free to all who participated in the Unvaulting event.

The free item is the Arcana Glider, which will be granted to all who jumped into the Unvaulting playlist "in the coming days." Players who purchased that glider previously and participated in the event will see their V-Bucks refunded. Fortnite has been working hard to improve the game experience for players and has been banning cheaters in huge numbers. Over 1,000 cheaters were banned during the Fortnite World Cup alone. Epic also recently told players why it removed the siphoning feature from the game.