Over 1,000 Fortnite World Cup Cheaters Squashed With Mighty Banhammer

Cheating is rampant in some of the most popular video games that are played competitively. Cheating is undoubtedly a problem in Fortnite; Epic Games has released a report that shows that over 1,000 players were banned for cheating during the Fortnite World Cup event. However, some of the players accused of cheating deny the accusation.

fortnite wc

One player who was caught cheating was Johnny TK from Team Kaliber; he was accused of cheating by a person who sold him the cheat. Johnny TK was dropped from the team after the cheat allegations went public. Another player named Dubs FN qualified for the World Cup and was accused of buying cheats by a cheat dealer named AspectDolphin.

In that case, the cheat dealer shared discord messages with a person he alleges was Dubs. However, Dubs denies that the person in the messages was him and no actions have been taken against him. Epic Games released a Competitive Gaming Integrity report that can be seen here.

Highlights from the report include 1,163 accounts that were banned from competitive play for 14 days for circumventing region locks and playing in multiple regions during the tournament. Epic says there were 48 accounts banned for account sharing for seven days. Eight accounts were banned for teaming.

Epic reports that one account was banned permanently from Fortnite for using cheat software during the Semifinals. Epic notes that the account in question played for less than five minutes before being banned. A single account received a 72-hour ban for intentionally disconnecting to avoid giving a competitor points.

Epic has announced that it plans to improve its teaming detection system and is asking players to report gamers who they think are cheating. It will launch a formal investigation into cheating allegations using in-game replays. The Fortnite 8.30 patch landed recently briging reboot vans and a new LTM.