Huge Far Cry 6 Multi-Platform Update Weighs Over 100GB With Sweet HD Textures For PC

hero farcry6
AAA video games have really ballooned in size over the last ten years, and chief among the offenders are your big open-world extravaganzas. Red Dead Redemption 2 comes in at nearly 120GB on PC, ARK: Survival Evolved is 115GB, and Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed: Odyssey tips the scales at 110GB.

Another Ubisoft title is about to pack on some pounds with its latest update: Far Cry 6. The most-recent entry in the jungle combat simulator has you exploring a Caribbean island which is definitely not Cuba, and working to overthrow a sadistic dictatorship. The base install is relatively svelte at just 60GB in its largest incarnation (on PC), but there's a high-resolution texture pack that tacks on another 37GB.

Far Cry 6 just got its second patch, and with this update comes some mighty meaty downloads. The Xbox consoles get the smallest files, from 13-20GB depending on region and console model. The PlayStation 4's update is much larger, between 49GB and 60GB, while its next-generation descendant needs some 90GB for the new package. Finally, the PC version update is 'only' 54GB—unless you're running the HD texture pack, in which case you'll need to pull down another 47GB for a whopping 101GB in total from Ubisoft's servers.

Of course, titanic title update downloads don't necessarily mean the game install size is filling out by that much. We'd be particularly surprised if that were the case here, since the patch notes don't seem to include much new content at all. Ubisoft added daily and weekly challenges to the title, and there's a new Special Operation coming on November 9th (included in this download), but otherwise the patch notes are composed entirely of bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

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