DFI LANParty Press Release, The Best Hardware of 2004 from TechReport and More

Welcome back everyone :)  The news front is moving slowly this morning, but we managed to dig up a few tasty tidbits for your reading pleasure.  So, since it is getting later, let's get things rolling...

DFI Answers to the Enthusiastswith Launch of LANParty™NF4 SLI-DR and LANPartyUT™NF4 Ultra-D Motherboards

Hayward, CA (January 4, 2005) – DFI(R), a worldwide leader in industrial computing solutions and maker of the LANParty™ series of motherboards, today launched the new LANParty NF4 SLI-DR and LANPartyUT NF4 Ultra-D motherboards for the socket 939 AMD(R) Athlon™ 64 platform. Taking full advantage of the rich feature set the NVIDIA(R) nForce4 chipsets have to offer, the new DFI UV-sensitive motherboards bring more performance lead to high-end desktop computing than others.

SLI™ (Scalable Link Interface) and DXG™ (Dual Xpress Graphics) Technologies
Based on the nForce 4 SLI chipset, the new LANParty NF4 SLI-DR motherboard is DFI's first to fully support NVIDIA's new SLI technology in the signature LANParty package. Delivering almost twice the performance of a single GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) configuration, SLI brings more graphics realism to desktop PCs than any other technologies. The multiple GPU support of SLI takes advantage of the increased PCI-Express bandwidth and enables DFI's new motherboard to support two identical PCI-Express video cards simultaneously using a bridge connector. Seamlessly operating in parallel, the new LANParty motherboard provides the perfect solution for real time rendering, complex video processing or intensive game play.

Similarly, the nForce 4 Ultra chipset based LANPartyUT NF4 Ultra-D motherboard supports dual display cards to deliver the ultimate graphics experience. DFI's proprietary DXG (Dual Xpress Graphics) Technology benefits from the multiple PCI-Express lanes the chipset supports, using the 16x and 2x configurations, to allow for versatile graphics support and utmost future-proof upgrade ability.

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 The best hardware of 2004 @ TechReport

"2004 HAS DRAWN to a close, leaving a year's worth of memorable hardware in its wake. It was a good year for enthusiasts, and we've singled out a handful of products for our Best of 2004 awards. To be eligible for Best of 2004 distinction, a product had to be widely available for a reasonable portion of the year. Paper launches and limited or late-year releases didn't qualify, although you might see some of those products pop up in next year's awards."

 Audio Interview with DFI @ Ninjalane

"The 1st installment of Ninjalane Radio has been posted! In this installment we features an interview between myself and Vivian Lien from DFI where we discuss the new LANParty motherboards using the nForce4 Ultra and nForce4 SLI chipsets."

 Microsoft Optical Desktop with Fingerprint Reader Review @ CoolTechZone

"We all know someone at home or at the office who can never remember their passwords. These are the people who have stickers all over their monitor and desk in plain view for anyone to look at. Microsoft is hoping to eliminate this problem by offering a new form of password management technology; a fingerprint scanner built directly into the keyboard. While fingerprint technology is far from new, price and availability have so far prevented it from being used in the home or on every system in the office."