Creative Labs THX Certified Speakers - Look Ma No Wires!

OK, this is pretty HOT. We've been waiting for a set of good quality wireless speakers and it looks like we just might have found them.

  • Speaker Power:
    • 36 Watts RMS per channel (5 channels)
    • 130 Watts RMS subwoofer
  • Frequency Response: 35Hz ~ 20kHz
  • THX Certification assures ultimate performance in games and movies
  • Wireless technology eliminates cables between subwoofer and rear speakers. Wireless remote also controls popular compatible Creative MP3 players
  • Advanced satellite design with high-efficiency, three-inch driver and flared port tube for impact, mid-bass output. New dual flared, dual-ported subwoofer with heavy-duty, eight-inch long-throw driver for room-shaking bass
  • Auxiliary input and headphone output for connection to external stereo devices and headphones
  • Conveniently located rear receiver requiring only a single power outlet with discreet cabling, which is easily hidden for flexible rear satellite positioning

Sure, sure... but do they go to eleven?  That phatty-base is no good unless it goes to 11!  No recommendations on quality or performance here yet folks.  Though we might ask Creative if they want to send over a pair for a solid HH run-through.  Where is my SpinalTap CD when I need it anyway?

You can get them here via our PG store but I also have a question.  If there are any audiophiles in the house, drop me note on this one and I'll follow-up with a news update with props to you.  I see no technical reason why we haven't seen more higher-end wireless speakers on the market. Why not?  What are the challenges?  Do tell...