Corsair's Latest, AMD beats Intel to 64-bit Mobile Punch, Samsung SyncMaster 915N

Corsair Partners with Tier One Motherboard Manufacturers to Enable the New NVIDIA nForce4 SLI Intel Edition Platform

-- Equipped with the world's fastest DDR2 memory from Corsair, motherboard makers unleash the power of dual channel DDR2 performance for the new NVIDIA chipset for Intel --

Fremont, CA (April 15, 2005) -CorsairMemory, Inc.,a worldwide leader in high performance memory and cooling products for the enthusiasts and the overclockers, today is pleased to announce launch partnerships with tier-one Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers for the NVIDIA nForce4 SLI Intel Edition chipset.

First to market with both the industry's lowest latency and highest clock speed memory modules, Corsair is poised to deliver the ultimate system performance gain for the Intel LGA 775 platform. Selected by ASUS, MSI and GIGABYTEas the memory launch partner for the new NVIDIA chipset for Intel, Corsair worked diligently to ensure maximum compatibility, rock solid stability, blazing-fast performance, and utmost headroom for overclocking...

...As a part of the validation program, the three first-tier motherboard makers will feature the Corsair Memory Development and Launch Partner logo on their product packages and web sites. "Corsair is dedicated to deliver the best memory solutions for an unsurpassed user experience, and we are delighted to be chosen as the memory launch partner by ASUS, MSI and GIGABYTE," said Richard Hashim, Director of Product Marketing at Corsair Memory. "This partnership means assurance for our valued customers.When they see the logo on the motherboard packages, they know the products have gone through a series of strict validation process," continued Hashim.

Corsair's new XMS2 5400UL, XMS2 6400, XMS2 5400C4, ValueSelect DDR2-667 and ValueSelect DDR2-533 are the official memory for the nForce4 SLI Intel Edition platform. Look for the Corsair/NVIDIA Memory Development and Launch Partner logo on the ASUS, MSI and GIGABYTEmotherboard packages for the official NVIDIA certification.

Go to Corsair's Website for details on the Corsair/NVIDIA launch partnership and motherboard certification.

AMD Turion 64 to lead as Intel decides to hold 64-bit mobile CPU launch until 2Q06 - Digitimes:

"Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) will take a headstart and a chance for the lead in the 64-bit mobile CPU market with its forthcoming Turion 64, as Intel will not launch its 64-bit mobile CPU until the second quarter of 2006, Taiwan notebook makers said."

Samsung SyncMaster 915N @ Bjorn3D:

"Samsung steps up to the gaming plate with 915N for the gamer that wants to have a larger screen. This monitor is rated at 8ms response time! They also now make smaller monitors that also have 12ms response time. The only problem I have seen with this product line is so far they are VGA interface only and do not support DVI. On the other hand leaving DVI out does let Samsung sell this monitor at a less expensive price. This monitor can be found under 400.00 dollars from many online retailers."