Corsair XMS Xpert Review, A64 Chipset Comparisons, S18 Nitro and More!

Good morning everyone.  In case you didn't notice, we've released a review of the Corsair XMS Xpert RAM.  The modules are rated at 400MHz DDR and sport eye-catching removable LEDs.  Check the image above or click here to read more.  After that, check your morning new post below.

Athlon 64 chipset comparison @ The Tech Report:

"With at least four platforms to choose from, the Athlon 64's PCI Express chipset lineup finally has some depth. But between the latest core logic options from ATI and ULi, NVIDIA, SiS, and VIA, which chipset has the most desirable blend of features and best performance? Join us as we sift through spec sheets and pour over a slew of benchmark results to find out."

S3 GammaChrome S18 Nitro Preview @ Beyond3D:

"The pipelines are largely inherited from the DeltaChrome architecture, however the fragment shader ALU's have been increased a little to run everything at FP24 precision at full speed, removing any reliance on FP16 instructions."

Zalman Totally No Noise 500AF Computer Case @

"Behold... the Zalman TNN 500AF fanless case and power supply! This is one of the biggest, baddest, most technologically advanced (not to mention expensive) PC enclosures on the planet. The TNN 500AF design is based on Zalman's Totally No Noise concept (TNN) that uses two massive heatsinks to absorb and dissipate the waste heat generated by the PC's internal components. The 500AF is a second generation case based on the original TNN 500A and offers many new features."